You were born to do the hard things!

During the month of May, we talked about the Collective Pause of 2020 and what that looked like in your business and personal life. We are living in different times than most of us have ever experienced and it has caused us to pause. Pausing has 3 parts – Rest, Reflect and Reset. Each week we focused on one part of pausing. The first was Rest and we learned 4 ways rest can help your business. In the second week, we talked about reflection and 3 ways to reflect on your marketing. Last week, we focused on how to reset your business during the pandemic. I shared activities to help guide you in both your business and life; be sure to go back to each of last month’s blog posts to prepare you to move forward.

Not only did I share the activities with you, but I also participated in the activities for my business and life as well! As a result of that, I was led to change Marketing Mondays to Mindset Mondays.

The month of May felt a little exhausting for me and many others. There seemed to be an overwhelming feeling from the COVID-19 crisis and to end the month on such a sad note of another racially inspired killing. I’m excited about a new month, a new feeling, and a new beginning in the month of June. Mindset is the first step in anything we do. I want to share different techniques around mindset. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn why you were born to do the hard things in life.

Your mindset is key to the success of your business which is why I want to focus on mindset this month. You will have challenges, difficulties, obstacles, etc.; however, God saw fit for you to be born at a specific time. This specific time opened you up to experience whatever you have experienced in life such as a time as we are currently living. On Mindset Mondays, let’s focus on those hard things in your life. God has already gifted you with the skillset and ability to do and overcome those hard things in your life.

Be sure to check out the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle as well as join my new Facebook group Women Faith and Business f you are inspired to do so. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this blog post and some of the hard things in your life.

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