The Collective Pause of 2020

Last week we talked about the words unprecedented and unrivaled. We acknowledged that we are living in unprecedented times; however, we have the power of unrivaled support in God. Take a look at the blog post to learn the why unprecedented is no match for unrivaled and how to choose unrivaled over unprecedented.

We spent the month of April talking about the happenings of the world during Marketing Monday. Since COVID-19 we have had to change the way we live on a daily basis. Our world was required to shelter in place which led each of us to pause our regular activity in some form. This week we will learn about the Collective Pause of 2020. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about the Collective Pause of 2020.

This time of shelter in place has led us to collectively pause; therefore I call this time the Collective Pause of 2020. We have the ability to rest, reflect, and reset in some way. These are the 3 phases of pausing. Coronavirus has been devastating and we must acknowledge how damaging it has been as it relates to our finances, our health, and our economy. Because things have shifted and pivoted in our world, it is important to pause.

3 Phases of PAUSING

REST – it is not about you growing your business, it is more about resting in God. We should have periods of rest where you connect with God to be sure you are still in alignment with His will for your business or if you need a realignment. Resting allows the body and mind to become refreshed.

REFLECT – ask yourself if you have taken time to reflect. The beginning of the month is a great time for reflection. This gives you an opportunity to review what has happened and from there to make adjustments accordingly.

RESET – this is the part of your pausing where you take your reflection results and create the plan of action or implementation. This may include no longer doing something you were doing, or possibly doing it a different way or maybe start something new.

We will be taking a deeper dive into the phases of pausing over the next few weeks.

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