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S4-E5- Standing on God’s Promises

When it comes to your business and your life, what are you standing on?  Are you standing on the ways of the world?  Are you standing on what you know?  Or are you standing on God’s promises?  

This week on the podcast, I chat with Dr. Ranelli Williams.  Ranelli is passionate about service and helping individuals create breakthrough in their lives and business. She is a
Certified Public Accountant, profit strategist, money breakthrough business coach, best-selling author, and award-nominated speaker, empowering service-based entrepreneurs to take control of their money as they work towards building a strong financial legacy.

In addition, Dr. Ranelli is Co-Founder with her husband, Eric Williams of ERJ Services, LLC, where in the main arm of that they help marketing agencies, consultants, and coaches gain clarity and confidence around their business finances so they are positioned to make strategic decisions that yield greater profits and exponential growth.



Dr. Ranelli also founded R.A.W. Legacy Solutions with the mission of providing mindset and money solutions and support to help Christian female professionals transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship increase cashflow and profits, so they can not only run the cash-rich and profitable businesses they care about, but also build a debt-free legacy and generational


On this episode you will hear:

  • How she was exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age
  • How she had an example of turning a side hustle into a full-time business
  • How she grew up in the church
  • How she was able to accept Christ for herself
  • In order to be authentic she had to freely express her faith
  • How she felt called to be an author
  • How the Spirit guided her to start a community
  • How God calls and equips you for what He wants you to do
Be sure to connect with Ranelli on social media at:

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S4-E4- God’s Best Plan for Your Business with Cassie Kitzmiller

Many times we have a plan for our lives and our businesses.  We do all the right things, we follow the plan and then something happens that disrupts our plan and makes us realize that our plan is not aligned with God’s best plan for us. So we have to surrender our plan, and align with God’s best plan for our lives and businesses.

This week on the podcast I chat with Cassie Kitzmiller.  We chat all about how she shifted paths several times to align with God’s best plan for her.  

Cassie Kitzmiller is a mom to 3, wife of one for 14 years, and daughter of the King for eternity.  She is devoted to serving women of faith to build their businesses through the power of the cross and connecting the body of Christ.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How she was born to be an entrepreneur
  • God’s BEST plan for you may not be what you envisioned
  • How she moved from “head” knowledge to “heart” knowledge in her faith
  • The journey of knowing Jesus as a person
  • How God can use people to guide us
  • How God supernaturally opens doors
  • How God gave her the business plan for Christian Women Business Builders
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean it’s not for us
  • Partnering with other believers in the body of Christ despite your differences
  • Divine collaborations and spirit-led partnerships
Be sure to connect with Cassie on:
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S4-E3- Building Beyond Your Backyard with Stevii Mills

We live in such a connected world, it’s easy to jump on Zoom and connect with someone half way around the world and that’s why when thinking about building a business we can think about it on a much larger scale than just a local business.    

Are you building a local or global business?  This week on the podcast I chat with Dr. Stevii Mills.  We chat all about how she started to think about building beyond her own backyard.

Dr. Stevii Mills holds a unique and valuable space in the world – she loves God, business and people – she is a rare combination of expertise, compassion and high-energy,
integral work ethic. 

She is well known for her southern drawl, loving her parents and being a gifted communicator and connector. After many years of fervently running from her natural flare and ability to bring the “BOOM!” to the room, Stevii has come to realize that she is the It girl for teaching others how to be seen and heard. 

She is a strong advocate for there being no more hidden figures, no best kept secrets! Dr. Stevii’s teaches Christian Women Entrepreneurs how to use their knowledge and expertise to make money online.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How she never wanted to be in business
  • How her corporate job made her stressed and sick
  • How she built a six-figure business in the midst of the pandemic
  • How she started to know God for herself on a deeper level
  • Knowing the difference between relationship and religion
  • How she realized she was different in business when she wrote her first book, Cultivating Your It Factor

Be sure to connect with Stevii on:


social media at:

Facebook, Clubhouse, Instagram:


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S4-E2- Building Your Business on a Solid Faith-based Foundation

Statistics show that most small businesses fail within the first 5 years of business.  In fact 20% fail in the 1st year and then 50% fail to survive past year 5.  

With such dim statistics, why are so many women choosing to start their own business at such high rates?  

Because most are desiring to follow their passion, seeking freedom, and desiring flexibility! However, the journey to entrepreneurship and business ownership is not easy, but when you build your business on a solid faith-based foundation your chances or not just surviving, but thriving are much greater.  

That’s why in the first episode of Season 4 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast I’m sharing 5 faith-based foundational marketing principles to help you build your business on a solid faith-based foundation. 

On this episode you will hear about:

  • Spirit-led Marketing
  • The 5 Faith-based Foundational Marketing Principles
  • How to build a solid business by building on a solid foundation
  • Knowing your business purpose
  • God’s plan in the marketplace is tied to your business purpose
  • Knowing your God-given business vision
  • Understanding your marketplace mission
  • Understanding who you are called to serve and how you are called to serve
  • Getting clear on your marketplace message
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S4-E1- Women Faith + Business Podcast- Season 4 Begins

Women Faith + Business Season 4

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 1 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast.

This season on the podcast we will discover how God instructs you to show up differently than other people in your industry and what that looked like for the 10 women of faith in business who are not only doing amazing work in the world in their purpose-driven businesses, but they have chosen to publicly glorify God on their business platforms. Their insight and inspiration are so impactful.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast, I introduce Season 4 and share the theme and main questions that I will be asking the guest for this Season, which includes:

  • How has God asked you to show up differently in your business and/or industry?
  • What has your business journey looked like?
  • What has your faith journey looked like?
  • How would you describe the power of faith?
  • How would you describe the power of business?

Click on the link above to tune into Episode 1 of Season 4 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast and stay tuned to hear from the guests from this Season!

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2 key things to consider when marketing your business!

This week I share a throwback Marketing Monday FB Live video from 2020 where I share all about PLANNING your marketing and the two things to consider when planning your marketing.  Watch the video or read the summary to learn more.

Do you have a Marketing PLAN for your business?

Two Things To Consider When Planning Your Marketing:

  1. Have a Written Marketing Plan – you have to be strategic getting out of your head and write your plan down. Do you want to do blogs, or training videos, events, etc.? Be intentional about doing things that resonate with you. Minimize doing things that you only ‘think’ you have to do. Avoid RAM – RAM is Random Acts of Marketing! We no longer want to participate in RAM.
  2. Be Spirit-Led – begin to ask the question of what God wants you to do in your business. Stop doing what you want to do and check in with your spirit to learn what you should be doing. Be obedient to what your spirit is guiding to do.

Pray about what your strategy needs to be and write it down!

Want to learn how to be more Spirit-led when it comes to marketing your business?  Join me Thursday, April 21st at 2:00 pm ET for the Spirit-led Marketing Workshop!

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3 Ways to be Spirit-Led in Your Business

We previously discussed the importance of tapping into the vision that you have for your business and how that can impact the success of your business. We discovered the vision statement for several well-known companies in the post  for a few of the most well-known businesses in the ‘What’s the vision you have for your business?’ blog post. 

Today, let’s move from vision to action and focus on Holy Spirit-Led Action. Watch this throwback Marketing Monday video below or read the summary to discover 3 ways to take Spirit-Led Action in your business. 

3 Ways to be Spirit-Led in the Actions of Your Business

  1. Opportunity – Business owners and entrepreneurs come across opportunities unexpectedly all the time. Many opportunities we experience are not planned and some of them are not for us. When we are presented with an opportunity we have a feeling of being led and sometimes we do not. We must know the difference of being led to an opportunity and being presented with an opportunity.
  2. Ideas – Ideas come and go by the minute because we see and hear a lot about and from other businesses. Every idea we have is not for us to take action on. However, when an idea is dropped in our spirit, we begin to feel that tug at our hearts. This is a tug that we feel strongly and it seems it will not leave us.
  3. Collaborations – We connect with people all the time in person and online. God creates divine connections. Divine connections are appointed times that you are to be with others to deliver and/or receive a specific message. We are here to do the work we are called to do, but it is not necessary for it to be done alone all the time. Pay attention to the collaborations and partnerships that present themselves in your business.

If you want to go deeper into how you can be Holy Spirit-Led in the Actions of your business, I encourage you to  join me for the Spirit-led Marketing Workshop on Thursday, April 21st at 2:00 pm ET to discover  three steps to be Spirit-led in your  Marketing.  

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The Power of 90-Day Goals & Plans

90-Day Goals & Plans

When I work with my clients on business goal setting and marketing activity planning, the thought of planning out activity for 12 months can be overwhelming and intimidating for many. So, I shifted from 12-month increments to 6-month increments. Then, I’ve found in working with many entrepreneurs and business owners is that there is POWER  in focusing on 90-Day increments.

When we focus on 3 months/90 Days, it’s less intimidating and easy to manage, so for a while now I’ve really focused on 90-Day business goals and marketing planning with my clients. In fact, I created a planner that’s focused on planning your marketing for 90-Days (shameless plug for my planner, the B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner, a 90 Day Guide to Help You Master Your Marketing and Grow Your Business). 

 Here a some reasons why setting goals for 90 days and planning for 90 days at a time is SUPER powerful:

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Reach more people by amplifying your voice!

One of the key ways to reach more people in the Marketplace so that they can learn more about you and the services that you offer is to amplify your message.  When I looked up
the definition of “Amplify” on, it is defined as to make larger,
greater or stronger; enlarge; extend. 

When I saw the word “enlarge” in the definition, it reminded me of the popular prayer of Jabez in I Chronicles [4:10]:

Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and You would keep me from evil, that I might not cause pain! ‘ So God granted him what he requested.

Jabez requested several things:

·       Bless me
·       Enlarge my territory
·       Be with me
·       Keep me from evil

And guess what, God answered his prayer! So I want to encourage you today, to pray a
similar prayer, don’t feel shy to ask God to:

·       Bless your business
·       Enlarge your business
·       Partner with you in business
·       Keep bad things from happening to your business

Prayer is powerful and is an advantage that we have as believers in business, so consistently pray for your business. 

Partnering with God is one of the best ways to grow your business.  God is a God of order, a God of detail, and as your partner in business He will give you specific instructions. He will instruct you on what you need to be doing in the marketplace to make an impact, create an
influence, and have an income from the work that you do. 

One of the things that God instructs us to do is to write things down, “write the vision make it plain.” Writing down God’s instructions for marketing your business can be one of the BEST things you can do for your business. 

In fact, in the upcoming Marketplace Messenger Masterclass you will discover the two things you can create in order to write down and move forward with marketing and promoting your business, so be sure to join me on Wednesday, March 23rd
at 2:00 pm ET
in the Marketplace Messenger Masterclass to learn more! 

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Overwhelm v. Overflow

When it comes to marketing your business in 2022 there are 1001+ ways to market and promote your business. For the average entrepreneur and/or business owner, it can be overwhelming with all the things you need to DO to market your business. But as believers, we know that we don’t do things in our own strength, but we are guided and led by God specifically about how to BE and what to DO in the marketplace.   

When we are Spirit-led in marketing our business, we move from overwhelm to overflow. What exactly does it look like to be Spirit-led when it comes to marketing your business?  

In this post, I will share how to simplify your marketing so you can step into overflow and avoid overwhelm.

The first step to simplify your marketing is to create a spirit-led marketing plan-  A plan that keeps you organized so you know what you need to be doing to market and promote your business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Here are 3 things to include in a spirit-led marketing plan:

1.  Your marketing foundation–  Your marketing foundation includes 5 key things

2.  Your top 3 purpose-driven goals-  Identifying the top 3 goals God has given you for the next 90 days

3.  Take massive Spirit-led action–  Once you have identified your God-given goals then the next step is to take massive Sprit-led action even if it is outside of your comfort zone!

These 3 steps will help you to simplify your marketing and move from overwhelm to overflow in your business.  Want to discover more about being spirit-led in your marketing and becoming a marketplace messenger in your industry?  

Be sure to join me for the upcoming Marketplace Messenger Masterclass on Wednesday, March 23 at 2:00 pm ET.  Click on the link below to register to attend:

Marketplace Messenger Masterclass

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