How to reset your business during a pandemic

Last week’s focus was on reflection as it relates to your business. We took a look at 3 ways to reflect on your marketing. Before you can implement those three ways, you must take a moment to reflect. Be sure to check out last week’s blog post to learn a step by step process to reflect.

This week we will discuss the third phase of pausing, RESET. This pandemic has caused all of us to re-evaluate our lives personally and professionally which will require us to RESET. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to understand how to reset in your business during this pandemic.

This is a season for business owners and entrepreneurs to pause. We have already talked about resting and reflecting. The focus for today is resetting. It is important to determine what the RESET looks like for you. Last week during the reflection topic we talked about delegating, stopping, and changing activities in your business. Resetting deals more with those you identified as needing to be changed.

From the activity you completed last week, I want you to add another column and call it RESET. NOTE: If you did not complete the activity, take a moment to write down things that you are spirit-led to change in your marketing activities. Take a look at those activities that require change and add the RESET activity (the change).

Resetting may be a change in how you email, how you blog, how you network, etc. There are a number of ways to exercise change. Sometimes, the RESET may be the renaming of an activity which will cause a change in perspective leading to new ideas. Take a moment to review what needs to be changed and then listen to what is tugging in your spirit. Rest gives you clarity, reflection shapes the vision, and resetting implements change.

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