Why CoSchedule is The BEST Online Marketing Calendar

If you’ve ever wanted an online tool to help you stay organized and manage your marketing in one place, then you definitely have to check out CoSchedule.com.

I have been using CoSchedule for almost 6 years.  I first found out about it when I was looking for a content calendar to manage my content marketing.  After doing some research, my business coach at the time shared CoSchedule with me and I downloaded their free content marketing template and have been hooked ever since.  

Now, CoSchedule is a part of the daily suite of online tools that I use to run my business.  It was featured in my post last month for 10 of my favorite marketing and management tools for 2020.  

So why is CoSchedule the one of BEST Online Marketing Calendar?  

It helps you to stay organized, and I’m all about being organized.  We can break it down into three categories:  It allows you to see, schedule, and share.  

See All of Your Marketing in One Place

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

With the Online CoSchedule Calendar, you are able to see your online and offline marketing all in one place.  Whether it’s your WordPress blog post, Facebook post, Instagram post, LinkedIn post, Webinar, a Marketing Event or Email, it all shows up in one calendar for you to manage and see all of your marketing activities in one place.  You can use color codes to easily identify key activities in a glance.  

Use a specific color for your social media posts, use a different color for your emails, and another color for your blog posts, doing this makes it easy to see your activity in one glance and know what you are doing on a monthly basis.    

CoSchedule also gives you the ability to actually integrate to the tools you use to market your business, so you can automatically see the activity on your marketing calendar. For example, when  I schedule an email in my email service provider, ActiveCampaign, it automatically shows up as an email marketing activity in my CoSchedule Calendar, or if I post a new blog on my WordPress website, the blog post automatically shows up in my CoSchedule Calendar.  The integration with your everyday tools makes it easy to see and track your marketing all in one place.  

Schedule All Your Marketing in One Place

Share Your Marketing from One Place

CoSchedule is a great tool to share your marketing tasks with others.  Whether it’s your internal marketing support team or if you’re a solopreneur with an outsource Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant, you are able to share all the marketing tasks, projects, and responsibilities in one place, so everyone is on the same page for the marketing activity for the week, month, or even the year.  

You can also build engagement and repurpose your content by automatically sharing your evergreen social messages at the best times and republishing your top-performing messages by using the ReQueue feature of the CoSchedule Calendar which automatically reschedules your evergreen social media content.  

There are some many great features and uses for CoSchedule, but the most important is that if you want to get results from your marketing you need to plan and be organized and CoSchedule allows you to do both.  

In fact, I like CoSchedule so much, that I’m also an affiliate, so if you’re interested in learning more about CoSchedule, be sure to click here or click on the logo below to sign-up

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