The Power of God’s Favor

The last blog post addressed the age-old question of ‘WHY ME?’ The answer is you were born for it to be you because you were born to do the hard things! It is our mindset that dictates how we navigate situations, obstacles, difficulties, etc. Be sure to review last week’s blog post to learn more on mindset.

This week we will continue to explore mindset. The pandemic and protests inspired by the most recent racial injustices has caused people to have hard and difficult conversations. Joel Osteen has a book titled The Power of Favor and I just finished reading it and was spirit led to address the difference in favor and privilege. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about the power of God’s favor.

Let’s have a difficult conversation about favor versus privilege since we have been hearing more about the idea of white privilege and racial discrimination. Privilege is a special right, immunity, or exemption granted to a person of authority or group of individuals. Favor is the state of being approved or held in regard. Privilege is man-made and favor is God-given. So when we think of white privilege is where white people are given special rights that are not given to blacks and other races.

Our world is in an uproar to change the issue of white privilege. Although we must acknowledge that it exists, as Christians we must adjust our mindset to acknowledge favor more. God’s favor will take you higher than any man-made privilege can ever take you. God’s favor shows up when we least expect it and most need it. God’s favor is powerful because it can rise above privilege at any time.

Let’s focus on the good that is still happening in the world because of God’s favor although we are experiencing difficult times from COVID-19 and racial injustices. Share in the comments some of the great things that are happening in your business and personal life…how did favor show up for you?

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