We talked about choosing to focus on Christ over Crisis. We referenced the scripture Matthew [8:23] and were reminded of the power of who we serve. God can rebuke and calm the storms of life. Be sure to review that blog post on how to focus on Christ over Crisis.

This week we will continue to discuss the power we have in choosing. We are hearing about people being fearful, people panicking, people worrying, and people in crisis. This we are taking a look at UNRIVALED OVER UNPRECEDENTED. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about how to choose UNRIVALED OVER UNPRECEDENTED.

We are living in unprecedented times! What is unprecedented mean? defines it as never before known or experienced. We have major brands closing their businesses, schooling has converted to strictly to virtual learning and homeschooling practices, increased numbers of death, teleworking…..experiences we have never had before at the same time.

Our challenge is to choose another viewpoint. Therefore, I choose unrivaled. Unrivaled means having no equal, incomparable, and supreme. Instantly, I think of God; He is unrivaled. If we choose to focus on God, we know we can lean on God. Knowing that He is unrivaled will put us at ease and give us a sense of peace while we are on this journey. Regardless of what we are going through and experiencing during these unprecedented times, God is in control. God is UNRIVALED!

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