3 key things you should build in your business

In my last post, our focus word was IDENTIFY. I talked about 4 key things to identify in order to successfully market your business.  In this post, our focus word is BUILD. I will share 3 key things you should build in your business.

Building upon a strong foundation is necessary to have a strong result. There are several ways to build your business, but most of the ways fall into 3 key categories. To learn more about the 3 key things you need to build watch the video or read below.

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3 Key Things you need to BUILD your business.

  1. NETWORK – your net worth is directly affected by your network. While building your network you are building and creating relationships. You can build your network online and/or offline. Online networks would include people you network with online via social media platforms. Offline networks include people you network with in person via business referral groups, masterminds, and business networking group.
  2. AUDIENCE – having an audience increases your opportunity to become well-known, seen as an expert and share content. You can build your audience in several ways such as creating a business page, blogging, podcasting and creating an online group. The ways you choose to build your audience should be in ways that resonate with your personality so that you are able to remain consistent.
  3. DATABASE – you should have your own database of connections because social media platform algorithms change at any time. Your own database allows u to connect whenever you are ready. You can use CRM (Customer Management System) and/or ESP (Email Service Provider) to build your database. CRMs allow you to track, communicate and manage the connections you have. ESPs allow you to effectively communicate with your contacts.

Building these 3 things in your business will allow you to better position your business in the marketplace for your specific industry.

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