The impact of “whatever” v. “whoever” when it comes to your faith

Whatever You Believe

It’s funny how when some leaders, coaches and consultants when talking about or mentioning leaning on or being guided by your faith in your business will cushion the comment by saying or whatever you believe in

What I mean is the statement will always start out with, “Trust in God, the Universe, Source, …..or whatever you believe in“.  I understand they do it because they want to be inclusive of various beliefs and faiths, but it just never sits right with me whenever I hear people say that.

I mean why can’t we take a stand for who or what we believe in without it being controversial?  For me, it was dropped in my spirit that using the phrase “or whatever you believe in” was actually dismissing God for who He is.  So as a Christian, I will always use the words, God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit when discussing my faith on my business platform. 

Whoever You Need

So who exactly is God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit? They are the Holy Trinity that consists of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  When Jesus was on earth He referred to himself as the “I AM”.  I love to think of the song, “I AM by James Fortune” because it explains that you have everything you need because the GREAT I AM provides for you.  God is whoever you need Him to be in your life and your business

He is your strength 
He is your provider
He is your healer 
He is a way maker
He is a strong tower
And so much more… 

Dimissing who God is and lumping Him in with whatever you believe is not something I can do as a believer.  

And this is why it can be so impactful to take a stand for what you believe and as a Christian to use the words 
God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit instead of just simply saying  “whatever you believe”! 

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