ONE thing to make you more confident when marketing

We have discussed how to be Holy Spirit-Led in the actions of your business. Take a listen to 3 ways to take Spirit-Led Action in your business. This week we are excited to share our thoughts about CONFIDENCE and marketing in your business. CONFIDENCE will be our focus word for the week. Take a look at the video or read the summary to learn more about having confidence in marketing your business.

There are many things that encourage CONFIDENCE; however, I want to focus on one. The key thing I want to share that helps makes you confident. Clarity is the key to being more confident when marketing your business. It is imperative to be clear in every part of your business. When there is a lack of clarity there is a lack of confidence. If you are not clear on who God called you to serve it becomes difficult to be confident in your service.

  1. What is the purpose of your business? Knowing your business purpose helps you show up confidently in the marketplace and attract those you are called to serve. Your business purpose is the specific business intent for which your company has been formed boiled down to a single sentence. A tip to developing your business purpose is to start with a paragraph then narrow it down to a single sentence.
  2. What is the vision of your business? This a mental picture of what you want your business to be at some point in the future based on your goals and aspirations answering the question of how your company changes the world. Having a clear vision causes you to show up in the marketplace confidently.
  3. What is your mission as a business owner? Your mission statement defines what your company will do daily to make your vision a reality. It will include who you serve, what you serve, and how you do it. This brings more clarity to your business and allows you to become more confident.

Having clarity in your business is what helps you to show up confidently in the marketplace. Being confident about the purpose of your business, the vision of your business, and the mission of your business.

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