3 Ways to be Spirit-Led in Your Business

We previously discussed the importance of tapping into the vision that you have for your business and how that can impact the success of your business. We discovered the vision statement for several well-known companies in the post  for a few of the most well-known businesses in the ‘What’s the vision you have for your business?’ blog post. 

Today, let’s move from vision to action and focus on Holy Spirit-Led Action. Watch this throwback Marketing Monday video below or read the summary to discover 3 ways to take Spirit-Led Action in your business. 

3 Ways to be Spirit-Led in the Actions of Your Business

  1. Opportunity – Business owners and entrepreneurs come across opportunities unexpectedly all the time. Many opportunities we experience are not planned and some of them are not for us. When we are presented with an opportunity we have a feeling of being led and sometimes we do not. We must know the difference of being led to an opportunity and being presented with an opportunity.
  2. Ideas – Ideas come and go by the minute because we see and hear a lot about and from other businesses. Every idea we have is not for us to take action on. However, when an idea is dropped in our spirit, we begin to feel that tug at our hearts. This is a tug that we feel strongly and it seems it will not leave us.
  3. Collaborations – We connect with people all the time in person and online. God creates divine connections. Divine connections are appointed times that you are to be with others to deliver and/or receive a specific message. We are here to do the work we are called to do, but it is not necessary for it to be done alone all the time. Pay attention to the collaborations and partnerships that present themselves in your business.

If you want to go deeper into how you can be Holy Spirit-Led in the Actions of your business, I encourage you to  join me for the Spirit-led Marketing Workshop on Thursday, April 21st at 2:00 pm ET to discover  three steps to be Spirit-led in your  Marketing.  

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