A SIMPLE Marketing Plan can GROW your business

Before we jump into the next marketing tip, I want to continue the conversation on the topic of planning so our word for this week is PLAN. Take a look at the video below or read the summary to learn more. Then share your thoughts in the comments or send me an email.


The key to creating a marketing plan is to keep it SIMPLE. We will use the B.E.S.T. Marketing System to create this simple marketing plan that will grow your business.

The B.E.S.T. Marketing System:

  1. BUILD – you need to always be building your NETWORK which is the foundation of your business. Your network includes prospects, people you can collaborate with, current clients, etc…simply, those who you are connected with. Make sure you make connections offline at networking events, referral groups, etc. Also, there are opportunities online with groups and communities. It is important to build your AUDIENCE; your audience is different from your network in that it includes those that are interested in what you offer. After building your network and audience, you need to build your LIST. Your list is your database so that you may share and connect with those you are connected with. The key is to build and connect CONSISTENTLY.
  2. ENGAGE – you must consistently engage with the network, audience, and list you have built. Using video is a great way to engage. However, you may use blogs and podcasts to share content with your list. Think about how often you want to connect with your list and make a commitment to consistently do so.
  3. SERVE – we are in business to serve our ideal client, to help them. You can do this via paid or free content. Think about the ways you can serve your audience. Offering webinars (paid or unpaid) will allow you to share the content you have created. Another way to serve your audience is via events. I have fallen in love with hosting in-person events because it allows me to connect in several ways at once.
  4. TRACK – if we are not tracking the efforts we have made while building, engaging and serving we are not able to know what is working. You must track your accounting, sales, and marketing. You need to know how much you are spending and earning what you are selling and marketing. Otherwise, the results of your efforts may go unnoticed.

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