7 Essential Elements for a Highly Successful Business Blog

Blogging for BusinessThere are 1001 ways that you can market your business, but if you are a coach or consultant, blogging should be an essential part of your marketing mix.  However, it’s not that easy to run a successful business blog.  The blogsphere is very crowded with lots of blogs covering the same topic that you will be covering, so how do you stand out and create a successful business blog?

Here are 7 Essential Elements for a Highly Successful Business Blog:

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  1. Show your personality–  A blog, even a business blog, should have a personality that reflects the style and tone of the business.  If you have a fun business, that should be reflected on your blog.  If you have a serious business, then that should be reflected on your blog.  What makes a blog stand out is how the personality of the business shines on the blog, so make sure that your blog is reflecting the true personality of your business.
  2. Know your target audience  The most successful business blogs resonate with their target audience because they know their audiences needs, wants, struggles, and creates blog posts around those issues.  In order for your business blog to be successful be sure that you are addressing the needs, wants, and struggles of your specific target audience.
  3. Create amazing content–  With so much information available on the Internet, it is important that the content you create and share with your audience resonates with them. It is important to create content that will inspire, motivate, inform, and/or educate.  People love to learn, and when they know that your content can teach them what they need to know, you will create a successful business blog.
  4. Have a strong call to action–  Providing amazing content that resonates with your target audience is important, but in order for you to get business, you also have to have a strong call to action.  You want to not only inform your audience, but encourage them to take the next step with you.  The next step could be joining your email list.  Having a strong lead magnet to encourage individuals to join your email list at the end of your blog post would be important, or if you are selling a program, product, or event, having a link to the sales page to encourage sales would be important.  Whatever your call to action, it is important that you have one at the end of each blog post.
  5. Promote your blog–  In order to get traffic to your blog, you have to promote it!  It’s not one of those things where once you write it they will come.  Nope!  Just like anything else you have to promote, promote, promote.  That should include promoting the post to your email list and on social media.  You have to get the word out about your blog post in order for people to read it and engage with it.
  6. Be consistent-  In order to have a successful business blog, you have to blog consistently.  Whatever that looks like for your business.  Whether it is monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, be consistent in how often you blog.  Being consistent shows that your company is professional and reliable. 
  7. Remarket your blog–  Promoting your blog should not be limited to when you first publish a new blog post, but you should remarket your blog posts.  Select some of your most popular blog posts and promote it again on email and social media.  This one exercise of remarketing your blog post can increase your traffic by leaps and bounds.

Are you blogging for business?  If so, what essential elements do you feel makes a business blog successful, leave your comments below.

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