4 Strategies to Master Your Marketing and Grow Your Business

In the last blog, we focused on why an ideal client profile is important for your business, how to determine your IDEAL CLIENT and the impact of creating an ideal client profile for your business. Today we are discussing Planning to Prosper in 2019. Watch the video below, or read the post to learn 4 strategies to master your marketing and grow your business.

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There are key marketing concepts that help you grow your business.

4 Marketing Strategies to Master Your Marketing & Grow Your Business

B.E.S.T. Marketing System:

Build – this is the foundation of your business. Building requires consistency.

  • Networking – who you are connected to and who you want to have conversations with. Your network determines your net worth. There are two key ways to build your network is offline and online. Attending events is an example of offline networking. Online networking happens by using social media to connect with others in your industry.
  • Audience – who you share your content with. This is accomplished by using FaceBook business pages, podcasts, blogs, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Database – this is the same as an email list. These are people who have signed up to stay connected with you and/or people you network with.

Engage – this is how you stay top of mind with those you have built a relationship.

  • Content – what content is relevant to your audience and ideal client? You must understand what their needs are. Original content is that of which you have created; it allows you to be recognized as a leader or authority in your industry. Curated content is that of which you share with your audience or ideal clients that you did not create.
  • Email – this still the number tool to communicate in business. Determine how you reach out consistently using email.
  • Events – people crave in-person interaction. Consider attending, sponsoring, or even hosting your own event.

Serve – as an entrepreneur your goal is to serve your prospects or clients to provide solutions to problems your audience has. Serving is simply providing valuable information.

  • Training video, webinars, checklists, Q & A’s. Determine ways that you plan to serve in 2019.

Track – make sure you know what you have accomplished consistently. Take time to reflect what you did to build, engage, and serve in your business. It is good to do this on a monthly basis.

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There are 3 ways to be supported as you Plan to Prosper in 2019:

  1. One hour strategy session
  2. 3 months accountability intensive
  3. Leading Ladies in Business Mastermind (application only)


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