5 things you should be tracking in your business

In the last blog post, I shared 7 ways to serve your audience, which included video trainings, webinars, checklists, Q & A Days, Challenges, Courses/Programs, and Speaking Engagements.  This week the focus is on how to TRACK your results.  Watch the video below, or read the post to learn 5 things you should be tracking in your business.

After you have built, engaged, and served, you are ready to track your results. Every business owner and entrepreneur should know their business numbers!

5 Key Things You Should Be TRACKING

    1. Revenue – how much money comes into your business at least on a monthly basis.
    2. Expenses – how much money goes out of your business on a weekly or monthly basis.
    3. Profit – how much money do you have after your expenses (Revenue – Expenses = Profit)
  2. SALES
    1. New Clients – how many clients/customers you have and how many new clients you acquire each month
    2. Sales Conversations – how many sales conversations do you have and/or plan to make each month
    3. Leads – where do your leads come from and how many do you have each month
    1. Fans/Followers – how much growth are seeing each month
    2. Reach – how many people are reaching when you post on a weekly or monthly basis
    3. Engagement – how many people are engaging in your posts
    1. List Size – how many people are on your email list
    2. Opens – how many people are opening your emails, pay attention to the subject lines of those emails
    3. Clicks – if there are links in your emails, how often are people clicking your links to go where you are directing them to go
    1. Attended – how many have you attended each month
    2. Hosted – how many attendees did I have at each event
    3. Connections – how many connections were made from attending and hosting events; how many of those connections became clients/customers

Your numbers will tell a story of your about your success and the results of your marketing. Your numbers teach you what steps you need to do more or less to reach your desired goal.

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