7 ways to serve your audience

In the last blog post, I shared 3 Key Ways to ENGAGE your audience, which included sharing engaging content, consistently communicating, and attending or hosting events. This week the focus is on how to  SERVE your audience. Watch the video below, or read the post to learn 7 ways to serve your audience.

7 Key Ways to Serve Your Audience:

  1. Live Training Videos – Teaching your audience is a great way to serve your audience. Create LIVE videos on a specific topic or a deeper level of a topic you have expertise no longer than 30 minutes, but full of great content.
  2. Webinars – These are invitations to go deeper on a specific topic to educate or help your audience grow. Webinars will last between 30-90 minutes. You have the option to offer free or paid webinars.
  3. Checklist – Not everyone has the time to attend a training or webinar; this is how checklists come in handy. Create a checklist that provides valuable content in a pdf format that your audience needs.
  4. Q & A – These are great if you have groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.  This gives an opportunity for your audience to have their questions answered.
  5. Challenges – Challenges allow you to provide valuable information that will help move your audience forward in their industry. Be sure to create the challenge that makes sense for your business solution and requires your audience to take action.
  6. Courses/Programs – This allows you to serve your audience by providing more in-depth training. This takes more time to prepare which is why courses and programs will be sometimes offered for a fee.
  7. Speaking Engagements – Speaking is a great way to serve your audience. Look for speaking engagements that allow you to reach your target audience so you may leave them with valuable information. These can be LIVE events or online events.

There are many ways to serve your audience; however, these are 7 of my favorite and most beneficial ways to serve your audience. Be sure to let me know what ways you serve your audience.



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