3 ways to manage ideas and not get shiny object syndrome

Last week, we stretched our imagination as that was our focus. We talked about how tapping into your imagination is a practice we do less of as we age. However, we learned how imagination plays a big role in the one key question you can ask to attract new business. After reading the blog, let us know your thoughts.

This week we are focusing on IDEAS. As business owners and entrepreneurs we have IDEAS drop in our spirit all the time. However, we must be aware of the ‘shiny object syndrome.’ This is where you lose focus of the goal due to the big bright IDEAS. We have already talked about innovation and imagination earlier this month, but today let’s really take a look at the importance of IDEAS. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn 3 ways to manage your ideas and not get caught in the shiny object syndrome.

When Cambridge University shut down due to the plague, Isaac Newton was forced to stay home. During this time he invented calculus, parts of the optic series and saw an apple fall from a tree giving him insight into gravity and the laws of motion.

When we are forced to have ‘quiet time’ we should begin to look at these times as opportunities to go inward and embrace ideas that have come to us. Due to the Coronavirus, we are being forced to stay in and avoid being social in larger groups; however, we can take this opportunity to embrace this quiet time and focus on ideas we can use in our very near future.

3 Ways to Manage Your Ideas

  1. Write It Down – keep a journal so that you can take notes as ideas and inspirations are dropped into your spirit. It can be a journal or notebook, whatever works for you that you can keep close and y=use consistently.
  2. Prioritize – we tend to get unfocused due to the ideas. Jot down ALL ideas, however, prioritize the ideas so that you are focused on what’s most important at the time. Assign a timeframe for completion. This keeps you from being overwhelmed.
  3. Take Action – create and implement the plan of action on those ideas that you have chosen as a priority for the next 30-90 days. This is where you determine what steps are necessary to accomplish the idea.

When you manage your ideas you are able to be innovative and use your imagination!

I would love to hear your ideas for your business and learn more about you. Take a moment to schedule a 15-minute session with me at https://meetme.so/NadineMullings

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