Why an ideal client profile is important for your business

Last week, our focus was Mission and the impact of a mission statement on your business and I made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! This week we shall place our focus on how to determine your IDEAL CLIENT and creating an ideal client profile.  Watch the video below, or read the post to learn why an ideal client profile is important to your business.

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I have found that it is difficult for many business owners and entrepreneurs to determine their ideal client. Most believe it is best to attract any client; however, they do not understand that your message does not resonate to everyone.

Key Points to Consider when Determining your Ideal Client:

  1. DEMOGRAPHICS – The description of your ideal client to this includes age, gender, race, income, etc. This helps to determine how you market to the ideal client.
  2. PSYCHOGRAPHICS – What does your ideal client think? What is their personality type? What does your ideal client like? What are they attracted to? What are their social activities? What are their religious preferences?
  3. PROBLEMS – What problems does your ideal client have? Think about all the problems they have that your product or service resolves.
  4. SOLUTIONS – What is your solution for your ideal client’s problem? Focus on being the problem solver instead of making the sell.

If you take these points into consideration when narrowing down who your ideal client is, you will better market your product or service and ultimately see an increase in your clients and revenue. This information is explained in more detail in the B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner. Click the link to pre-order at a discounted price.


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