2 things for planning your marketing for 2020!


We have talked about the ONE marketing tool that will keep you organized in 2020; CoSchedule. I use this tool for the marketing strategy in my business. Click the link to learn more about CoSchedule and how it can benefit your business.

The word we want to focus on is PLANNING. There are two things to consider when planning your marketing for 2020 and I share them with you in the video below. Take a look at the video or read the summary to learn more.

I went missing for four months! I got sick and was forced to rest; obviously, it was not part of my plan. During my rest time, I read a lot and began to reflect on what God is requiring of me in the next season.

Do you have a PLAN for 2020?

Two Things To Consider When Planning Your Marketing for 2020:

  1. Have a Written Marketing Plan – you have to be strategic getting out of your head and write your plan down. Do you want to do blogs, or training videos, events, etc.? Be intentional about doing things that resonate with you. Minimize doing things that you only ‘think’ you have to do. Avoid RAM – RAM is random acts of marketing! We no longer want to participate in RAM.
  2. Be Spirit-Led – begin to ask the question of what God wants you to do in your business. Stop doing what you want to do and check in with your spirit to learn what you should be doing. Be obedient to what your spirit is guiding to do.

Pray about what your strategy needs to be and write it down!

I’m excited for 2020 and what God has planned for you and me; I want to support you on your journey. Schedule a Virtual Coffee, so I can learn more
about you and your business.

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