The Power of Scheduling

Last week I shared about the power of waiting, if you didn’t read that post be sure to check it out.  I shared five reasons why waiting is powerful, so it may seem contradictory to now write about the power of scheduling. But here is the thing, just because you’re waiting for something to manifest (goals, dreams, visions) doesn’t mean you don’t plan and prepare for the things to arrive, and included in planning is the powerful step of scheduling!  

I heard a quote from Marie Forleo that says “If it’s not scheduled it’s not real.” So, on this journey to achieving all that God has placed in our heart to achieve, we must do our part to accomplish our goals by writing the vision and making it plain and then scheduling the activity and taking Spirit-led action!  

Here are 3 reasons why scheduling things is powerful:

1. Consistency

One of the biggest struggles I hear from people when it comes to marketing and promoting their business is the struggle of staying consistent.  A GREAT way to stay consistent with the marketing activity for your business is to schedule it! If you have a Marketing Calendar and you schedule out your marketing activity on your marketing calendar, you will stay consistent with taking the action needed to market your business.  

2. Commitment

If you really want to be committed to consistently marketing and promoting your business then having a marketing schedule will help you to be committed to your marketing.  Last year when I surveyed my audience and asked how many people want to market and promote their business for the new year, 100% of the survey respondents said “Yes!”.  However, when I asked how many people have a marketing plan and schedule, 95% said they do not have one.  Having a plan and schedule shows that you are committed to achieving your business goals and have committed to a schedule to make your dreams a reality.  

3. Organization

A large percentage of marketing overwhelm comes from not being organized.  Having a set marketing schedule allows you to be organized and avoid overwhelm.  I recommend the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar as it helps you organize ALL of the marketing in one place.  I’ve used it for years and it helps me to stay organized when it comes to scheduling all of my marketing activities.  

If you need help with creating a marketing schedule for your business, be sure to register for the upcoming Marketplace Messenger Group Intensive on Friday, August 27th at 10 am ET.  If your desire is to attract the clients you are called to serve with ease and flow join this session to:

  • Get clear on your faith-based marketing principles 
  • Set your intention for your business goals for the next 90 days
  • Create a marketing plan and schedule for your business. 

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