The ONE key question you can ASK to attract new business

Last week was all about innovation! We learned how to view innovation from a creative perspective and how to be innovative or creative to increase repeat business. Be sure to let me know how you are innovative in your business.

This week we are focusing on IMAGINATION. As we get older, we tend not to tap into our IMAGINATION as often as we did when we were younger. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about the one key question you can ask to attract new business.


This is a technique that I learned from Marie Forleo. The technique is to ask or pose to yourself, your team and your clients the question of wouldn’t it be great if_________.

This is the number one question to ask to increase imagination and innovation in your business. Write down everything that comes to mind after you ask the question. Then review the list and prioritize what would work in your business right now. You may even want to categorize what would work best for you, your team, and your clients.

The goal of this exercise or technique is to jumpstart your imagination. This is why it is good to pose to your team and clients as well. Their answers will provide a perspective that you may have otherwise overlooked or never considered. It will help you discover products or services to market in your business.

I would love to hear more about your business and to learn if I am able to help you to be more imaginative in your business! Schedule a 15-minute call with me!

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