How to focus on CHRIST instead of the CRISIS!

Worship and worry was our focus last week. I reiterated the power we have in choosing. Be sure to review the blog entry on how to choose worship over worry and let me know your thoughts.

This week our focus is CHRIST OVER CRISIS. It was dropped in my spirit to emphasize the importance of choosing to focus on CHRIST OVER CRISIS. Take a quick moment to pull up Matthew [8:23] before continuing as this will be my reference point for this discussion. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about how to choose CHRIST OVER CRISIS.

We are dealing with multiple crises at this time, primarily because of COVID-19. We are dealing with a health crisis, financial crises, and economic crises. Many are losing loved ones and jobs, which has led to a massive hit on our economy. We have a choice to make; we have to choose to focus on the positive or the negative. As Christians, this is the time to choose to focus on Christ so that we may endure this difficult time. As we review Matthew [8:23], we are reminded that who we serve can rebuke and calm the storms of life. We are in the midst of a storm and crisis, but our God is bigger than any storm or crisis that is presented. We serve an all-knowing, purposeful God who is always in control.

Focusing on God will allow us to endure and not get into an uproar or depression about what’s happening around us. Let the scripture and this blog post keep you encouraged.

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