5 Types of Email Content that Get You Awesome Results

5 Types of Email Content that Get You Awesome Results

Email Marketing can be a great way to grow your business, stay top of mind, and nurture your leads, but getting real results from your email marketing can be difficult. 

After sending many emails and working with companies in different industries, I have noticed that there are five types of email content that get you the best results.

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  1. Video

    Video by far always gets the most engagement in email.  When sending emails to prospects or clients,  be sure to include a relevant video that will resonate with your audience.

    The key to a successful video is to Keep It Super Short (KISS).  The most effective videos are less than 5 minutes.  People are busy and don’t necessarily have the time to watch long videos, so it’s better to keep it short and sweet.

    When I placed this short (less than 2-minutes)  video, the 3 C’s of Email Marketing, in my monthly email newsletter, it received the most engagement.  Check it out:

  2. Blog Posts

    Informative blog posts always get high engagement in your email, and email is a great way to remarket your blog posts to your email list.

    Pick your top performing blog posts, and include it in your emails when it is relevant to the theme of the email.

    The key is to peak your audience’s interest by including the first few lines of your blog post in your email, and then linking them to the entire blog post on your website.

    Some people include the entire blog post in the email, but I think a better strategy is to include the first few lines, and then have them click to read more.

    I prefer this method because it allows you to track how many people were interested in reading more, you can measure what topics get the most engagement in your email, and it shortens the length of your email (the longer your email the less likely people will read the entire email).

  3. Images

    Most people are very visual, so including relevant images in your emails can help to increase your engagement.

    Information Graphics (Infographics) are great images to create and include in your emails.

    Most Infographics are very long, so including the beginning of an infographic and encouraging your audience to click to see the entire infographic is a great strategy.

    Even if you don’t create the infographic yourself, if it will resonate with your audience, there is no harm in including it in your email and giving credit to the source and linking to the source of the infographic.

    Linking to the infographics for companies who complement what you do, or even affiliate companies can be very useful for your audience.

  4. Audio

    In addition to the items listed above, audio also receives high engagement in your email, so if you don’t have a video to share with your audience, try including links to audio.

    Not everyone loves to read information, so when you offer information in various formats including audio, you are able to get the attention of individuals who prefer to listen to your content instead of having to read or watch it.

    This is why Podcasts are so popular and are a great medium for coaches and consultants.

  5. Special Offers

    Providing great content in your email like videos, blog posts, images, and audio is always a good idea, but having a compelling offer that resonates with your audience is even better, because that is where you make your sales.

    So be sure to send out emails that include relevant special offers or promotions.  If the offer is something that resonates with your audience you will see engagement with offer, which leads to more business for you.

Are you using any of these types of content in your email?  If so, what content works well with your audience.  Be sure to comment below.

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