4 Smart Ways to Use Your Blog to Grow Your Business (Part 3)

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In this series on the how, what, when and why of blogging for business, we have covered the why and the what of blogging, so this post is actually going to go into the how of blogging, specifically How to Use Your Blog to Grow Your Coaching Business.

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So as I’ve mentioned before, a blog really is your homebase for your content online a place where people can come to consume your content.  However, sharing content is not your only goal for your blog, if you are using blogging as a marketing strategy, then you also have to be strategic in how you use your blog, so that you can get business. Someone simply consuming your content will not necessarily lead to business.

Here are 4 smart ways you can use your blog to grow your business:

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  1.  Turn your readers into leads

    A great way to grow your business is to increase your leads, and a great way to increase your leads is to turn your readers into email subscribers.  Once your readers become email subscribers you can “lead” them into what you offer and how you can be a solution for them.  Your email list is really the core of your online business and is one of the best ways to communicate with your prospects, so how do you turn your readers into leads?  You invite them to join your email list by strategically placing links and invites throughout your content.  What works really well is offering additional content that supplements the blog content that they are reading (i.e. download this eBook for additional info, download this guide book with additional content, or download this checklist, etc.)  and ask for their email address in exchange for that content.  Another strategy would be to simply ask your readers to join your list and be a part of your community, both approaches work really well to help you turn your readers into leads.

  2. Turn your leads into prospects

    Once you have a lead your next goal should be to turn that lead into a prospect, a potential or likely client.  The best way to move your lead into a prospect is by your email campaigns.  After they have joined your email list then it is important that you strategically reach out to your list consistently with your blog content, business offers, and other relevant content.  Over a period of time your lead can become a prospect when interest is shown in what you are sharing in your email campaigns.

  3. Turn your prospects into clients

    Once you have built a solid relationship with your prospect and you have shared useful information over a period of time, and you have made offers via email, then the next logical step would be that your prospect becomes your client.  The time period for your prospect to become your client will vary.  It can be as short as a couple of days or as long as a couple of years, either way over that period of time before your prospect becomes your client, it is important to show your expertise and share your blog post via your email campaigns so your prospects can get to know, like, and trust you enough to become your client.

  4. Turn your clients into repeat clients

    Once you have a client, your goal should not be a one-time sale, but multiple repeat sales.  A great way to achieve repeat sales is to highlight the needs of your clients through your blog post and share solutions with your clients.  If they like your products and services, they will be inclined to be a repeat client of your other products or services.

This is just four ways in which you can get business from your blog post.  Are you using any of these strategies for your blog?  If so, share which one you have been using and how it has been working for you in your comments below:

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