2 things that you need to set clear intentions for in your business

Thus far for the month of March, we have discussed innovation, imagination, and ideas. Last week, when discussing ideas we brought light to the ‘shiny object syndrome’ and how it easily affects entrepreneurs because we have ideas drop in our spirit all the time. You can review that blog post to learn 3 ways to manage your ideas and not get caught in the shiny object syndrome.

It is important for us to stay in moving forward motion as business owners and entrepreneurs to serve our community during these times as it relates to the Coronavirus. This week we are focusing on INTENTION. I want to share two things you need to set clear INTENTION for your business. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about INTENTION.

2 Components of Setting Clear Intention

  1. WHAT – this is the WHAT of your business vision. You need a clear vision externally and internally. Externally is how you show up in the marketplace and to those you are called to serve. Internally is how you want your business to look behind the scene. This includes things like your business hours, your team size, etc.
  2. WHY – this is the WHY of your business vision. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You must understand and be very clear WHY you do you what you do. This is what drives and motivates how you serve. Is it for service, financial freedom, location freedom, etc? The WHY pushes you through the difficult times.

These words come from Prosper in Your Purpose by Benecia Ponder. This book shares essential elements to grow your business. We will talk about all 7 of these elements during the virtual online Power to Prosper business event. You are invited!

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