Two Key Ways to Build Your Network!

Did you catch the last blog on 3 Powerful Ways to Build your Business in 2019? Our focus word was BUILD which is one of the core foundational elements in the B.E.S.T. Marketing System. This week we are focusing on NETWORK. Watch the video or read the summary to learn Two Key Ways to Build Your Network!

How are you building your network? Networking is about building relationships. I want to share Two Key Ways to Build Your Network.

  1. OFFLINE NETWORKING – determine who your ideal client or people who partner with your ideal client and where they connect as a group. Pay attention to those that are possible prospects or partners. Seek out groups that make sense for your business and the connection and relationships you need to grow your business. Referral groups are formed specifically to give one another a referral which means there are limited seats available.
  2. ONLINE NETWORKING – this type of networking allows you to network from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you are. This is usually accomplished through social media outlets. you have to consider which groups you can be consistent and make connections that will bring your business.

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