3 Powerful Ways to BUILD Your Business in 2019!

In the last blog, we discussed how having systems in your business helps your business to operate effectively and efficiently and sets the foundation to help it grow.  I talked about 3 systems you should have in place to grow your business.  Our focus for this time is to BUILD.  This is one of the core foundational elements in the B.E.S.T. Marketing System. Watch the video or read the summary to learn 3 powerful things to build to help your business grow.

3 Powerful things you should be Building:

  1. Building Your Network – your network is the foundation for your business. Having a network is key to growing your business. Look for key people that you can partner with, are prospects for you, referral partners, etc. Build your network with people who know you and know what you do and how you help people. Networking is about building relationships and referrals. This can be done by attending events, joining masterminds, getting involved in groups, etc.
  2. Build Your Database – your database consists of your email list created through opt-ins and people wanting to stay in touch with you to receive or invest in what you are offering.
  3. Build Your Audience – your audience consists of people are watching, listening, or reading your content. These people tune in and stay connected because they are interested in the information you are sharing through blogs, podcasting, books, etc.

You can learn more in-depth ways to BUILD by checking out The B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner.


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