The 3 C’s of Successful Text Message Marketing

 The 3 C’s of Successful Text Message Marketing
Text Marketing can be a powerful marketing tool when done correctly.  The problem is so few companies are attempting text marketing, and some of the ones who are using text message marketing, are not using it effectively.

In this post, I will cover the 3 C’s of Successful Text Message Marketing, you can check out the video below or read the post:

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  1.  Convenience
    One of the main reasons why Text Marketing can be so effective is the convenience of this marketing channel, so many people have smart phones now a days, and most people have their phones close by at all times, so this makes text message marketing a convenient and easy way to reach someone.  Some people actually prefer text messages even more so than a phone call, and it’s definitely faster than an email, so this makes text marketing convenient for the marketer and convenient for the person who has opted-in to receive text messages from your company.
  2. Communication
    Communicating via text message can be an easy way to quickly reach your audience.  Giving your clients or prospects the option to be reached via text message is a great opportunity to connect in a way that is most effective for you and for your clients or prospects. 
  3.  Content
    Even though it is convenient to communicate via text message to your clients and prospects, it is important that you are providing relevant and timely content in your text. Some examples of content that works well via text message include coupons, appointment reminders, notifications, etc.  As long as you content is valuable, your audience will want to receive text messages from you. 
  4. Bonus C-  Cost
    Text message marketing can be one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to reach your customers, so if you’re not using text message marketing, you might want to think about adding it to your marketing mix.

Are you using text marketing in your marketing mix?  If so, what do you think makes your text message marketing successful?  Be sure to comment below.


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