Need more readers for your blog? Get this easy and affordable Tool!

Need more readers for your blog? Get this easy and affordable Tool!
In order to get more readers for your blog, it is important that you stay organized and consistent with your blogging effort.  So how do you stay organized and consistent?  The right tools can help you accomplish this, but there are sooo many tools on the market, that at times it can be overwhelming trying to decide which tools to use.

I love to research tools and figure out what is going to work best for my business, so in this series, Essential Marketing Tools, I will highlight some of the tools I use that help me to stay organized and consistent with my marketing effort.

The first tool that I am highlighting is a tool that can really help you to plan out your marketing more efficiently. This tool helps coaches and consultants to plan and publish awesome content, share it with the world, and save a tone of time.  The tool is CoSchedule and here is why I use it in my business:

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  1. EASILY publish my blog post on social media–  I use WordPress for my blog, and CoSchedule is integrated with WordPress, so it makes it SUPER EASY to publish my blog to my social media sites right in WordPress.  There are many other tools and plug-ins that allow you to publish your blog posts on social media, but what I like about CoSchedule is you can customize each post for each social network.  Each social network is different, and it is important to communicate slightly different on each social network.  For example using lots of hashtags are acceptable on Twitter and Instagram, but not so much on LinkedIn and Facebook, so it is important to tailor your post to each social network, and CoSchedule makes it SUPER EASY to not only customize the message for each network, but you can even customize the graphics that you use in your post too.CoSchedule Image
  2. Extend the life of my blog post–  If you want to get more people to read your blog post, it is important to not only share it on social media when you first publish, but it is also important to share it over a period of time.  CoSchedule makes it EASY to publish your post over a period of time, you can schedule your post to go out a day after you publish, a week after you publish, a month after your publish, you can also select custom days to publish.  The point is that it makes it EASY for you to amplify your blog post over a period of time.
  3. Test my Blog Post Headline–  Your Blog Headline is an important part of getting people to read your blog.  The GREAT thing about CoSchedule is that they have a nice little feature that allows you to test out your blog headlines before you publish your blog.  You can simply enter your headline into the Blog Post Headline Analyzer and the analyzer will give you a score and let you know how your headline ranks.  This can be super helpful in deciding what headline to use for your blog post.CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  4. Creates a Content Calendar–  I LOVE calendars!  Calendars help me to stay sane and organized.  I love calendars so much that I have three different versions of calendars (a wall at-a-glance calendar, an ipad calendar, and a Google calendar). What I LOVE about  CoSchedule is it automatically puts all of your blog posts, and social media posts into a marketing calendar, making it easy to clearly see what you have posted and what you plan to post.  You can even use the CoSchedule Calendar to plan out other marketing events not related to your blog or social media that way you have all of your marketing activity in one comprehensive calendar.
  5. Planning for your Blog–  I’m a BIG planner.  I plan out the year, the month, and each day, so when it comes to my blog posts, it helps to have a tool that allows me to plan out my blog and social media posts.  CoSchedule has a feature that allows you to plan out each post.  You can assign tasks like “researching the blog topic”, “creating the blog image”, “proof reading the post”, “publishing the post”, etc.  If you have a team this can be extremely helpful in organizing your team.  If not, it can help you stay organized and plan out each blog post.
  6. You get Insight on your Top Blog Posts–  Knowing what resonates with your audience can take time, so it is important to look at the statistics of your blog post.  One of the features in CoSchedule is the “Top Posts” section, which allows you to easily see what posts have gotten the most shares on social media, giving you an idea of what content resonates most with your audience.  This can be a useful feature to help you to figure out the topics you should be writing about on your blog, and to amplify your popular blog posts even more.
    CoSchedule Top Posts Image
  7. It’s affordable–  At only $15/month (if paid annually) or $19/month (if paid monthly) CoSchedule is well worth it to help you plan, stay organized and be consistent with your blogging.  

This is just 7 ways I use CoSchedule to plan, stay organized, and be consistent with my blogging.  What tools do you use?  Be sure to comment below:

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