How often should you blog to get more business? (Part 4)

 How often should you blog to get more business?

Blogging for business can be an effective long-term marketing strategy.  When used  correctly, it can bring consistent leads, prospects, and clients to your business.  Over the last couple of blog posts, I explored the why, what, and how of blogging for business.

First we looked at why you should blog for business with the blog post ,5 Awesome Reasons Why Coaches Should Have a Blog (Part 1), then we looked at what exactly a blog is and what type of content you can place on your blog with the post,  4 Types of Awesome Blog Content That Can Grow Your Business (Part 2), then we looked at how to use your blog to grow your business with the blog post,  4 Smart Ways to Use Your Blog to Grow Your Business (Part 3), in the last post in this series, we will look at when you should blog, specifically how often should you blog for business?

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When deciding how often you should blog for your business, you really have to understand that you are not a professional blogger, but a coach or consultant who has decided to blog as a part of your marketing strategy, so you would never approach blogging as a blogger would.  Professional bloggers tend to blog for massive traffic, the more traffic they get the higher the potential of monetizing their blog.

As a coach or consultant, you also want traffic to your blog because that’s the only way you will be able to increase your readers, leads, prospects, and clients.  However, your goal is quality over quantity, you want quality readers who are your potential ideal clients to join your community and become not just a reader, but a subscriber of your content.  So how often should you blog in order to accomplish this?  Here are three suggestions on how often you should blog for business:

  1.  Figure out what is going to work for your business

    Every business is different and the time a business can commit to blogging based on resources will differ, so take a look at your resources and priorities in your business, and determine what would be a good schedule for blogging for your business.

  2. Commit to a schedule

    Create an editorial calendar that will help you decide when and what to blog about.  Having a schedule and editorial calendar will help you stay focused and organized when it comes to blogging for business.  For guidance on how to use an editorial calendar to stay consistent with your blogging, be sure to check out the post, How to Stay Consistent With Your Business Blog

  3. Decide to post a minimum of twice a month

    Even though in step one I suggested finding out a frequency that works best for your business, your blogging efforts will be far more effective if you blog at least twice a month, so start of by blogging twice a month and then see if you can increase that frequency.  The more often you blog the higher your chances of increasing your traffic and increasing your SEO benefits.

Has blogging for business been working for you?  If so, how often do you blog for business?  Share what has been working for you in the comments below.

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