3 Ways to Make the REST of the Year the BEST!

At the start of every new year, the tradition is to say, “Happy New Year!!” to celebrate the fact that you made it to another year.  Each new year also gives you a chance to set new goals, start new things, make resolutions, etc., but it’s not so traditional to hear, “Happy Mid-Year” at the beginning of the midpoint of the year, but the midpoint of the year is also a great time to celebrate the fact that you made it halfway through the year, it’s a time to look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year, and to adjust your goals and set your intention for the rest of the year.

In this post, I share 3 ways to ensure the REST of the year is the BEST of the year!

  1. Reflect

    Reflect on the first 6 months of the year.  What went well?  What wasn’t so good?  What could be improved as we move into the second half of the year?  This year, I started using the Passion Planner.  At the end of each month in the Passion Planner, there is space to reflect on the month and includes key questions to reflect on.  I’ve adjusted some of the questions from the planner and added some of my own for a mid-year reflection:

    –   What was the most memorable part of the 1st half of the year?
    –   What were the three biggest lessons you’ve learned in the past six months?
    –   How have you grown from January 1st to July 1st?
    –  What or who are you especially grateful for over the past six months?
    –  What activity generated the most leads, revenue, or exposure for your business?
    –  What activity generated the least amount of leads, revenue, or exposure for your business?
    –  Name three things you can improve over the next six months?
    –   On a scale of 1-10, How do you feel overall about the first half of the year

  2. Review 

    In addition to reflecting on what happened in the first six months of the year, it’s important to review all the key numbers in your business.  Your data tells a story and it’s important that you know what story your data is telling so you know what to change or adjust for the second half of the year.  Review the following key numbers:

  • Accounting
    1. Monthly Revenue-  Where is most of your revenue coming from?
    2. Monthly Expenses-  Where are most of your expenses incurring?
    3. Monthly Income-  How much monthly income are you making?
  • Marketing
    1. Activity-  How much activity are you doing to market your business?
    2. Traffic-  How much traffic is your website getting?
    3. Leads-  How many leads are you generating?
  • Sales 
    1. Conversations-  How many sales conversations are you having on a monthly basis?
    2. Conversion-  How well are you convert those conversations to clients?
    3. Clients-  How many new clients are you generating on a monthly basis?

3. Refresh

Based on your reflection and the review of your analytics, in what ways can you refresh your marketing plan by making any adjustments to make sure you will make your revenue goals this year?

Need help with your mid-year review?

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