Organize, Schedule, and Manage Your Marketing with the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

If you have a desire to be more consistent with your marketing this year, then you definitely need this tool to help you organize, manage and schedule your marketing so you can be more consistent!

CoSchedule allows you to organize all of your marketing in one place and from any place! I have been using CoSchedule since 2015. I first found out about it when I was looking for a content calendar to manage my content marketing. After doing some research, my business coach at the time shared CoSchedule with me and I downloaded their free content marketing template and have been hooked ever since.

Now, CoSchedule is a part of the daily suite of online tools that I use to run my business. So why is CoSchedule the BEST Online Marketing Calendar?


It helps you to stay organized, and I’m all about being organized.

See All of Your Marketing in One Place

With the CoSchedule’s Online Marketing Calendar, you are able to see both your online and offline marketing all in one place. Whether it’s your WordPress blog post, Facebook post, Instagram post, LinkedIn post, Webinar, a Marketing Event or Email, it all shows up in one calendar for you to manage and see all of your marketing activities in one place. You can use color codes to easily identify key activities in a glance.

Use a specific color for your social media posts, use a different color for your emails, and another color for your blog posts. Doing this makes it easy to see your activity in one glance and know what you are doing on a monthly basis.

CoSchedule also gives you the ability to actually integrate to the tools you use to market your business, so you can automatically see the activity on your marketing calendar. For example, when I schedule an email in my email service provider, ActiveCampaign, it automatically shows up as an email marketing activity in my CoSchedule Calendar, or if I post a new blog on my WordPress website, the blog post automatically shows up in my CoSchedule Calendar. The integration with your everyday tools makes it easy to see and track your marketing all in one place.


You can manage your marketing by managing your marketing projects, teams, tasks all in one place.

Share Your Marketing from One Place

CoSchedule is a great tool to share your marketing tasks with others. Whether it’s your internal marketing support team or if you’re a solopreneur with an outsource Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant, you are able to share all the marketing tasks, projects, and responsibilities in one place. Everyone is on the same page for the marketing activity for the week, month, or even the year.

You can also build engagement and repurpose your content by automatically sharing your evergreen social messages at the best times and republishing your top-performing messages by using the ReQueue feature of the CoSchedule Calendar. It automatically reschedules your evergreen social media content.



Schedule All Your Marketing in One Place

There are so many great features and uses for CoSchedule, but the most important is that if you want to get results from your marketing you need to plan and be organized and CoSchedule allows you to do both.

In fact, I like CoSchedule so much, that I’m also an affiliate, so if you’re interested in learning more about CoSchedule, be sure to click here or click on the logo below to sign-up.

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S3-E15- 7 Key Lessons from Season 3 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast

We have discussed many times how entrepreneurship is an ongoing journey of highs and lows, joy and frustration, excitement and sadness, etc. If you have experienced the best of emotions it is a given that you have experienced the opposite of them as well along the journey. However, those that continue on the journey tend never to regret any parts of the journey. Most of us learn more about and grow our relationship with God during the journey and almost all of us found a way to incorporate our faith into our business. We have shared and overcome a multitude of lessons along the way. I have compiled some of the lessons we discussed this season to share with you on this episode of the Women faith and Business Podcast.

In this episode you will hear:

The Top 7 lessons for Season 3 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast

– How you integrate your faith and your business is a personal decision that should be led by the Holy Spirit

– When you yield to God there is J.O.Y. in the entrepreneurial Journey

– How R.E.S.T is a powerful business strategy

– Your calling is important, needed, and necessary so be intentional about your calling

– Stay true to the path that God has put you on

– Be content in the ups and downs of your business because there is purpose in it all

– This is a journey that we are forever on so we have to give ourselves GRACE

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S3-E14- When God answers prayers and creates breakthroughs

It is so easy to get distracted, disengaged, and distraught when we are expecting something great to happen. Sometimes, the smallest thing seems to snowball into something much bigger. Sometimes we manifest the snowball effect because we are too focused on the things that can cause distractions. It is important that as we prepare to manage the things that may go wrong that we are seeking answers and wisdom along the way. God still answers prayers and creates breathroughs.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she sought the Holy Spirit for the wisdom of when and what to share with people

• How God gave her the idea for her book

• How she wasn’t bold and courageous about her faith in the beginning

• How she prayed with her client

• How the Lord provides even through difficult financial times

• Her faith healing journey


Deb is a sales catalyst and author of “Sell Like Jesus”. She knows sales inside out from having done it since age 8. Her passion is helping Christian business owners succeed at sales without feeling like a shark. She teaches people how to apply the lessons of servant leadership to sales conversations.

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S3-E13- When God puts you on the path that He wants you on with Candace Woods

One of the biggest questions we have to answer about our life is ‘Where are you going?” This question can be answered as simply as to the grocery store or as in-depth as to save the homeless. Either way, the ultimate answer should be in alignment with whatever path God has placed you. When we are in alignment with God’s will our steps are ordered.

In this episode you will hear:

• How seeking fulfillment made her stumble into entrepreneurship and business ownership

• How God closes doors when guiding you on your path

• How she stepped out on faith to do business full-time

• How she was introduced to faith and business by her life coach

• Learning how to be a good steward of the resources and strategies and people that God placed in her path

• How your pain leads you to a deeper relationship with God


Deemed The Mindset Architect, Candace B Woods is the founder of Destiny University, a business academy for Kingdom entrepreneurs to learn how to build their businesses on the principles of God.

As a Mindset Business Coach, she is determined to help other Believers in business design, plan, and develop a compelling vision for their life and business, elevate their mindset, and begin to see themselves through the eyes of God. Through her coaching, Candace’s clients are taught how to self-publish books, create coaching programs, and establish speaking platforms that allow them to use their pain for purpose and more importantly, advance the Kingdom of God.

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S3-E12- Having the Courage to step into who God called you to be and who He called you to serve with Monique Head

So many of us are afraid to be obedient to the Holy Spirit which causes us to avoid and/or delay what God has in store for us. We justify the action or nonaction of the disobedience by telling ourselves and others that God and/or our faith has no place in the marketplace. This mentality hinders our growth and success. Monique talks about how your belief can manifest the high points of your business and how God uses anybody to do His work. The only requirement from you is obedience and courage.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she created her first product after being fired from her job

• How her mom told her that it’s only what you do for God that counts

• How she felt called to fill a gap in the marketplace by talking about feminine allure for Christian black women

• How God can use anybody to do His work in the marketplace

• How she equips women with the spiritual tools and the strategies so ultimately they are advancing God’s Kingdom and getting what they want

• Being obedient to being Spirit-led to what God is calling you to do in the marketplace

• How her belief manifested the high points in her business


Monique Head is a Detroit native and graduated from the University of Michigan and Saint Louis University School of Law. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their two daughters.

While in law school, Monique became fascinated with Feminine Influence™. As a young woman, she went through the typical struggles of dating good men, and not-so-good men. Over time, her interest developed into a passion, until she realized it was her calling.

After thoroughly refining the component parts of Feminine Influence™, she began teaching what she’d learned to women in her community. Their results were so positive that Monique intensified her work.

Today, Monique is a femininity educator committed to providing black Christian women with the insights and skills they need to find the lifelong loving relationships they desire. Her spiritual, faith-focused approach couples tough love with good vibes.

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S3-E11- An Intentional SHIFT to be TRUE to who God called you to be with Yewande O’Neal

It is common and natural for our decisions to be influenced by our surroundings. However, for believers, it needs to become more common and natural for our decisions to be influenced by the Holy Spirit. When we are in alignment with God’s will and way for our life we are able to realize the desires He has placed in our hearts.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she had a desire to run a company from a young age

• How she was encouraged to be an engineer and the importance of more women pursuing careers in the S.T.E.M. fields

• Her journey to being open about her faith on her business platform

• Asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for the things that you can’t do on your own

• Dealing with loss, grief, and brokenness by knowing that God is with you

• How she realized she was leaning on the wrong things

• Her life scripture is Matthews [6:33]


Yewande O’Neal is part of the less than %1 of black women engineers and 4% of black women who reached and excelled in the executive ranks within Fortune 500 companies. She received numerous awards and certifications in her career while leading multi-million-dollar large global organizations. Armed with her unique extensive business leadership experience, knowledge, and exposure, Yewande is on a mission to help businesses and professionals go further than they can see themselves.

Yewande is the founder of Kairos Leaders LLC., a business and leadership consulting firm. She is the host of the inspiring business podcast – Purpose Pivots. Known for her ability to decipher difficult problems and break them down into easy-to-understand processes, Yewande loves to help businesses simplify and optimize their systems and while enhancing their leadership.



Instagram: @kairosleaders


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S3-E10- Following God’s Calling with Kim Stewart

OBEDIENCE – compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.

Before reading that definition I am sure that most of us would define obedience in a similar manner; however, after reading the definition we may find a sense of clarity on its meaning. Each of us hears God differently; however, all of us understand what He is saying to us individually. Sometimes we find confusion in what God is telling us; we must realize the confusion comes in on our end because we are operating out of fear most times. God speaks to us very clearly we just may not be ready to receive what He is saying or do what He is asking us to do. Kim Stewart shares with us the importance of following God’s calling.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she felt called to stay home and focus on the family for a season

• How she decided to start her own business and she was called to serve Christian authors

• How she felt responsible as a Christian to glorify God in everything that she does

• How the high of her business is all about the success of her clients and when God brings the right clients to her

• How the lows included struggling to make a commitment based on who God called her to serve and also struggling with comparison

• How following Jesus is an everyday decision

• Trust God and not the business gurus


Kim Stewart is a marketing strategist who helps Christian authors meet new readers and market their messages by guesting on podcasts. She’s also the host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast where she and her guests share what’s working now to market books online. Her sweet spot is strategy, and working behind the scenes is her jam!

Kim lives in Dallas with her husband, two young adult sons, and a very spoiled Lab named Loki.

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S3-E9- Knowing the Faithfulness and Character of God with Natalie Jobity

As a Christian, it is important to build our faith muscle so that we are faithful to God. We can easily believe in Him, but struggle to be faithful to Him. Faithfulness comes from a place of trust and loyalty. 

In this episode you will hear:

• How a random encounter led her to the path of entrepreneurship and her business

• How God clearly told her to close her business

• How the Unveiled Way was given to her by God

• The importance of seeking God’s guidance

• How God is so faithful even when we haven’t been so faithful to Him

• Her Saul to Paul spiritual journey


Natalie Jobity is a leadership and career coach, consultant, brand strategist, best-selling author, mentor, keynote speaker, and facilitator who has earned a reputation as “The Brilliance Unveiler.” Her experiences as a market researcher, entrepreneur, image consultant, writer, and marketing consultant have all positioned her to empower female leaders to live in the fullness of their purpose and unveil their brilliance by leveraging the power of their strengths, expertise, and distinctiveness, so they are positioned for the impact that they’re uniquely designed to make.

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S3-E8- Understanding the Power of R.E.S.T. with Cynthia White

Entrepreneurship is a journey that many learn they are not built for. It is a journey that requires tenacity and perseverance. Sometimes it even feels like a constant state of a near nervous breakdown. This is why entrepreneurs must learn the power of R.E.S.T. and how to implement it into their lives personally and professionally.

My guest, Cynthia White, shares her journey and how she learned the importance of R.E.S.T.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she became the accidental entrepreneur

• The evolution of her business so she is now able to bring all of who she is to her business

• The ways that she subtly added her faith in her business

• What it feels like to feel like you’re going to have a nervous breakdown

• How she asked God to show her how to rest and build

• How God is in the midst of the ups and downs in our business

• How she came to know Christ as an accidental believer


Cynthia White is a speaker, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and mental health advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Cynthia White & Associates, LLC and Remarkable Living Institute®.

As an experienced branding, image, and etiquette professional, she helps business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to advance in their career or business by showcasing their brand, visually, from the inside out. First impressions are the new currency. By dressing “on brand,” she helps her clients to reflect confidence, consistency, and credibility. Through speaking, coaching, or styling clients she passionately helps leaders increase their image, influence, and income potential in alignment with their core values and brand message.

Cynthia’s mission is to help leaders intentionally live life by design and not default, with grace and ease. By resting deliberately, living purposefully, and leading impactfully, they will show up and make things happen that are worth the remark.


Facebook: Remarkable Living Institute

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S3-E7 When you yield to God there is JOY in the Journey with Nicole Carter

We are always looking for joy in everything we do; however, we must learn that joy comes in the journey. Our experiences, our processes, our trials and tribulations, our situations and circumstances are all required to receive joy. Let it also be understood that going through those times in our lives is easier when we have yielded to God’s will.

My guest this week is Nicole Carter and she explains how we find joy in the journey by yielding to God.

On the episode you will hear:

• How to translate what God has given you into an actual business

• The mission attached to the message

• How we experience far more ups than downs when we give our lives to God

• How yielding your business to God allows it to flow

• Don’t give up on the mission in your down moments

• Through faith God shows you when to make a huge step


NICOLE CARTER, The Ultimate J.O.Y. Leader, is known as the thermostat that changes the climate of any room. Her contagious smile illustrates the vision that God wants for everyone–true JOY. Nicole is an award-winning speaker through Toastmaster International. She is a middle school CTE(career and technical education) teacher with an extensive business, education, and presentation background. She spent 20 years as a leader at a Fortune 200 corporation while teaching as an adjunct professor at local community colleges.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s of Business Administration. She is an author of a unique series of fictional books, an educator of educators, and a life-changing speaker.




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