S8-E7- Destiny Catalyst

Did you know that your pain can be used for your purpose? On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will discover how God can use your pain to catapult you into your divine purpose and destiny.

You’re invited to hear the inspirational testimonies of servant leaders and faith-based entrepreneurs on how God used their pain to catapult them into their divine purpose and destiny.

On this episode we hear from the lead/visionary author of the book Destiny Catalyst and co-authors Zenene Davis, Jacque James, Victoria Thomas, An’Renae Watkins.

Watch this episode:

On this episode you will hear:

  • how God can redeem any painful experiences for a greater purpose
  • the importance of accepting the healing journey even when it’s difficult
  • why it’s important to be open to God’s will
  • how you can go from surviving a situation to thriving from it
  • that freedom is always available no matter how stuck someone may feel
  • staying faithful through trials develops character, wisdom and maturity
  • how people carry hidden brokenness and rejection inside despite outward appearances
  • the importance of acknowledging and healing from those wounds
  • the therapeutic power of writing to process difficult experiences and emotions
  • pain and struggle are universal human experiences, but God can bring hope and purpose out of any situation



Anthology: Devotional & Inspirational Testimonies of Servant Leaders and Faith-based Entrepreneurs. Devotional readings and testimonies of Servant Leaders on how God can use your pain to catapult you into you into your divine purpose and destiny.


The founder of Destiny University Kingdom Academy and the Destiny Blueprint Coaching Certification, Candace is dedicated to the healing and wholeness of each and every person who walks through the door. Candace is a native of Greene County, Georgia and currently serves as a Mindset Business Coach for Christian coaches and authors.

Since starting her business full-time 5 years ago, through mindset and business strategy, Candace has successfully supported 30+ Christian authors get out of their own way to successfully plan, write, and self-publish their books and become authorpreneurs. Candace is the author of the books, “While I Wait: A Guide to purpose for the Single and Single Again” & the visionary author of the anthology, “Destiny Catalyst” which consists of devotional writings and testimonies of African-American servant leaders across the country.

Facebook: @CandaceBWoodsCoaching
IG: @CandaceBWoodsCoaching

Jacque Jaye 
Facebook: @JacqueJaye
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An’Renae Watkins
Facebook: @An’Renae Watkins
Email: sheniquellc@gmail.com

Victoria Thomas
Facebook: @VictoriaThomas
IG: @Victoriat.talks
TikTok: @Victoriat.talks

Zenene Davis
Facebook: @ZeneneDavis
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