S8-E10- The Heart Of God For Her

Do you ever question God’s love for YOU? Sometimes the things that we have to go through leave us questioning whether God truly loves us.  

On this episode of Women Faith + Business Podcast, you are invited to understand God DOES indeed love us, the ways in which He shows that love, and specifically how deep His love is for women.

Hear from the lead/visionary author of the powerful book, The Heart of God for Her, Allison Denise, and co-authors Deborah DeCoteau Rivers and Brejette Terry Emery as they share God’s love for His leading ladies!

Watch this episode:

On this episode you will hear:

  • The leading ladies in the Bible
  • The vision for the book, The Heart of God for Her
  • God’s promises to the women in the Bible
  • A different perspective on Eve and her story in the Bible
  • How the first person that does something is a pioneer and doesn’t have a blueprint
  • Preparation is God demonstration of His love
  • How God is merciful
  • When God sets a plan in motion, He is faithful and merciful to see it through
  • God’s plot twists
  • Understanding that you are not alone
  • God’s promises are Yes and Amen!
  • Walk by faith and not by sight
  • The importance of what you believe
  • And so much more…


We know God loves us, right? Many of us know this from a “head” space, but don’t always feel it with our hearts. Whether life has been hard on us or we have made it hard for ourselves, sometimes we wonder “God, where is the love?”• Am I loveable? • Why am I overlooked?• Should I perform for love?• Am I worthy?• Am I forgiven?and many of the questions we ask ourselves sometimes are answered in these pages. It is imperative that we understand God DOES indeed love us women, the ways in which He shows that love, and how deep His love is for women. Let’s take a 45-day dive into revealing and understanding God’s love for His leading ladies… ALL OF US!




Creative since a child, Allison Denise began designing in 2008 with websites, flyers, and speaker one-sheets. She became a full-time Author Brand Strategist eight years ago after being wrongfully terminated by her employer one week after giving birth to her preemie third child… we can talk more about that later. But that was the push she needed from God to step into her calling.

Allison Denise self-published her first bestselling book in 2015, and is now a 13x Best Selling Author and 7x Anthology Visionary. She gave her life to Christ at the age of 18 and was licensed and ordained as a minister in 2019. As the Creative Director & Designer of beautiful books and brands, she has since empowered 200+ women to make big impact via books.


Website- https://www.branditbeautifully.com/
IG, FB, TikTok- @imallisondenise


Deborah DeCoteau Rivers
IG- @livewellwithdeb
FB- https://www.facebook.com/deborah.decoteau

Brejette Terry Emery
Website- https://empowermentwithbre.com/
IG- @empowerment_with_bre
FB- https://www.facebook.com/brejette.emery

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