3 key ways to engage your audience

In the last blog post, I shared the 3 key things you should build in your business,  which included building your audience, network, and database.  This week the focus is on how to engage your audience, network, and database.  Watch the video below, or read the post to learn 3 key ways to engage your audience.

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Once you have successfully built your audience, network, and/or database, you now have to engage with each.


  1. CONTENT – ask yourself if your content is engaging. There are two types of content – created and curated. Created content is original content you create yourself in the form of videos, blogs, audios, etc. Creating original content requires planning and time which leads us to curated content. Curated content is content created by others that you share with your audience. It keeps you top of mind as well as allows you to be seen as helpful and informative.
  2. COMMUNICATE – this is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Email marketing is an awesome way to engage with your network. You must make a commitment to stay in touch with your audience to keep your products and services top of mind.
  3. EVENTS – allows you to connect with your audience on a personal basis. You can host your own event or attend another event. Events can be online or offline and allow you to meet new people and connect with those already in your network.

You will have the best success with engagement when you are strategic in how you consistently accomplish it; therefore, you must plan your content, how you will communicate the content, and which events you will host and/or attend.

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