3 key areas you should be tracking for your marketing

Last month we talked about how to serve your audience through your marketing and specifically via creating checklists, challenges, and courses. Be sure to check out each of those blogs to learn more. This month our focus is TRACKING; however, this week we will iterate what you should be tracking in your marketing; therefore, our focus word this week is TRACK. You may watch the video and/or read the summary below to learn 3 Key areas that you should be tracking for your marketing.

3 Key Areas You Should Be Tracking in Your Business

  1. Accounting Numbers: Revenue – this is how much money you are bringing in each month. Expenses – this is the money you have going out. Profit – this is how much you have left after you subtract your expenses from your revenue. We are in business to make money unless you are a nonprofit business.
  2. Sales Numbers: Leads – this is how many leads are you receiving through your website, phone calls, referral system, etc. Sales conversation/interaction – this is your sales activity whether its via sales calls or chats or however you approach sales. Clients – determine how many new clients/customers you acquired.
  3. Marketing Numbers: Social Media – track your Results, Reach, and Engagement. To do this, list your platforms, how many followers on each, and your reach on each platform. Track your engagement by recording how many comments, likes, and shares are you receiving on your posts. Email Marketing – track open rates, click through rates and subscribers. Event Marketing – how many events are you attending and hosting as well as how many connections are you making for each.

NOTE: Although I referenced monthly, you may track these areas on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the needs of your business.

Each of these key marketing efforts is outlined in more detail in The B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner. Click the link to get your copy to start effectively tracking your marketing.

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