This ONE Thing Can Get You AWESOME Email Marketing Results

This One Thing Can Get You AWESOME Email Marketing Results
Email Marketing can be a great strategy for your business if done correctly!  In fact, in my last post I talked about
5 Types of Email Content that Get You Awesome Results.

However, the problem is that many business owners, coaches, and consultants are missing a key element in their email marketing strategy, and this one thing is almost guaranteed to get you better results from your email marketing.

So in this post, I will be sharing the ONE thing you can do to get AWESOME Email Marketing Results.

The one thing that is proven to get you better results on your email marketing effort is segmentation.  If you are not practicing segmenting your list, you are missing out on a huge potential to get better results.

So why is segmentation important?  When your lists are segmented into key groups then you can create targeted messages designed specifically for that key group of individuals, and you get better results from targeted messages rather than general and generic messages.

So here are some steps to segmenting your email lists:

  1. Create Main Lists (i.e. Customers, Clients, Prospects, Email Subscribers, etc.)
  2. Within your main list, segment the list into smaller groups (i.e. One-Time Customers, Repeat Customers, Loyal Clients, Prospects for Product A, Prospects for Product B, Subscribers from Website, Subscribers from Blog Post, etc.)
  3. You can segment it even smaller if you have other types of information available (i.e. Age, Gender, Location, etc.)
  4. Once you have created a segment, your goal is to create a campaign specifically for that particular segment (i.e. special offer for repeat customers who live in a particular area, invitation to prospects who expressed an interest in service A to trial service A, etc.)
  5. Your results will be much better because the message is tailored and directed to a very specific group, so the message will be more targeted and more than likely will resonate more with that particular audience.

So here is an example of an effective segmentation:

  1. Main List-  Prospects
  2. Segmentation-  Realtors
  3. Additional Segmentation-  Women Realtors
  4. Offer-  Invitation for women Realtors to attend a women’s luncheon in which real estate tips will be shared.

Because the list and the offer are so targeted, you will more likely get better results from this email marketing campaign compared to:

  1. Main List-  Prospects
  2. No segmentation-  sent to the entire prospect list
  3. Offer-  Invitation to a business networking luncheon

You may get a response from this type of email, but you will get a much better response from the first example that is more targeted with a segmented list and a targeted offer specifically for that segment.

So if you’re looking to get better results from your email marketing, try segmenting your list and offering specific promotions for each segment.

Are you segmenting your email list?  If so, do you find that you get better results from a segmented list and a targeted email campaign?  Be sure to comment below.

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