5 Ways to Engage your Ideal Audience both Online and Offline

5 Ways to Engage your Ideal Audience both Online and Offline

Engagement is defined as how you attract and hold the attention of your audience, and is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to do both online and offline.

In this video and blog post I share 5 Ways to Engage Your Ideal Audience both Online and Offline.  Be sure to un-mute the volume to hear the video!

Online Strategies:

Social Media:

  1. Video

    Video is a great way to get engagement on social media.  It’s one of the best ways to build know, like and trust with your ideal audience.  The key thing with video is knowing what content will resonate with your audience.  Videos that inspire and educate get the most engagement.  You can do two types of videos:

    1. Live Video–  Video recorded LIVE on Facebook can help with engagement.  People can interact with your video while you are live and this really helps with engagement.
    2. Recorded Video–  Record a video offline and upload to Facebook or any social media platform.  Although it’s not LIVE video has a higher reach and allows people to see you, which helps them to connect with you.
  2. Images

    Find images that represent your brand and use those images on social media.  Images can include:

    1. Branded Quotes-  inspiring or motivating quotes get a lot of engagement on social media, so creating branded quote images that you can post on social media can increase your engagement.

    2. Branded Images-  Use images along with your posts.  Images that represent your brand and the post can help increase engagement compared to plain text posts with no images.
  3. Stories 

    If you post text try to tell a story.  Stories are really engaging and people respond to inspirational stories, motivational stories, so what type of stories can you tell in your business?

Offline Strategies:

  1. Speaking

    Being a speaker helps you to engage with your ideal audience.  You can speak at networking events, associations, and organizations.  As a speaker at an event you not only are seen as an expert, but you can engage the audience with your topic.  The key is to make sure the topic you select resonates with the group, association or organization.  Once you topic resonates the next step is to make sure your delivery engages the audience.  The key to engaging your audience during public speaking lies in your delivery.  When you’re entertaining and informing you naturally engage your audience.

  2. Sponsorships  

    When attending a conference or event, you can get exposure by being a sponsor.  As a sponsor you can engage your ideal audience when they are at your booth or if your sponsorship includes a speaking opportunity you can engage the audience by speaking as a sponsor.

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