5 things you should be tracking in your business

Last week, our focus was on the importance of tracking your email marketing efforts and we learned 3 Key things you should be tracking with your email marketing. This week our focus word will be TRACK. Tracking allows you to ain a better understanding of what ‘s going on in your business. Today, we will discuss. You may watch the video and/or read the summary below to learn 5 key things you should be tracking in your business.

5 Key things to Track in Your Business

  1. Accounting: (revenue, expenses, and profit) Revenue – this is the amount of money you have coming into your business. Expenses – this the amount of money you have going out of your business. Profit – this is the amount of money you have left after your expenses in your business. You should be tracking these numbers on at least a monthly basis.
  2. Sales: (clients, sales conversations, and leads) how many clients you have, how many new clients did you gain, how many sales conversations are you having each month, and how many leads are you receiving and their origin.
  3. Social Media: (followers, reach, and engagement) it is important to track how many fans or followers you have each month to help you determine if you are growing your audience or losing your audience. You should be tracking the engagement you receive from each type of post as well as how many you are reaching from your posts.
  4. Database/Email List: (list size, open rate, and click through rate) you want to monitor the size of your list as it relates to how many you have, gain, or lose. Track how many people are opening your emails and then how many people are clicking on any links included in your email. These numbers help you to determine what type of content is grabbing the attention of your audience.
  5. Events: (attending, hosting) it is important to track how many events you attend and host each month along with how many connections you make at those events.

These are the top 5 things to TRACK in your business to help guide your future marketing efforts. There is a tool that will help you understand tracking better as well as plan your marketing; The B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner.

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