3 things you should be tracking with your email marketing

This month our focus is TRACKING and last week we learned 3 Key areas that you should be tracking for your marketing; however, this week let’s talk about tracking as it relates to EMAIL MARKETING. You may watch the video and/or read the summary below to learn 3 Key things you should be tracking with your email marketing.

Before we discuss the key numbers, I want to touch on reach. It is important to be aware of your inbox reach. Inbox reach is the percentage of emails that are actually reaching the recipient’s inbox. This is effected by filters, email providers, incorrect emails, etc.

3 Key Things to Track in Email Marketing

  1. Open Rate: The average open rate is 10-15%. Be sure to check your open rate on a consistent basis.
  2. Click-Through Rate: This number represents how many people are clicking the links inside your email that will call or direct them to take action. The average click-through rate is 1-2%.
  3. Subscriber Rate: This number will tell you how many subscribers you gain and how many you lose. If you find that people are unsubscribing at a fast rate or during certain periods, you may want to check what content you are sharing to be sure it is something your audience is interested in. you will want to pay attention to trends when you are gaining an increased number of new subscribers as well.

As you are implementing your standard of tracking your email marketing, you may want to use a planner. The B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner is a great tool to help you plan and track your marketing efforts.

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