4 ways you should be consistent with your marketing

Have you created your marketing system? In my last blog, I discussed how to create your marketing system in your business. Your marketing system requires 4 principles to consistently gain new leads and clients for your business. Be sure to check it out if you have not done so already!

Today, I want to share with you 4 ways you should be consistent in your marketing. Our focus word for the week is CONSISTENCY. Being consistent in your marketing will make you successful. Watch the video and/or read the summary below to learn more about being consistent in your marketing.

4 Ways to Consistently Market Your Business

  1. Type of Marketing – there 1001 ways to market your business; therefore, it is best to choose 3 or 4 ways to market that. Is it speaking, recording videos, blogging, writing, etc?
  2. Who Are You Talking To? – you should be talking to the same audience each time in your marketing. This is why it is important to know and understand your target audience.
  3. Frequency – how often are you communicating with your audience. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc?
  4. Message – what are you telling people? It is necessary to be consistent with your messaging to continuously keep the attention of your target market.

The worst marketing is that you serve everyone. If you serve everyone, you are serving no one! Be sure to find and stick to your niche and target specific in your marketing. Although your product or service can be used by everyone, your marketing needs to speak to a specific someone. Once you implement the 4 strategies we have discussed here you will begin to consistently see positive results and increases in your business. Consistency will grant you success!

If you feel you are getting consistent results and cash flow in your business, it may be due to a lack of consistent marketing. If this is you, you may need The B.E.S.T. Marketing System. This is a six-week program that will shift your marketing. Learn more at The B.E.S.T. Marketing System

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