How to create a marketing system for your business

How to create a marketing system for your business

Do you have a marketing system for your business? Your marketing system should be a way for you to consistently get leads and prospects for your business. In this week’s post we talk about creating your Marketing System.

Marketing is defined as the different forms of activities that you do in order to reach a buyer and the end goal is to make a sale. While a system is defined as a formulated regular method, plan or procedure. So I am defining your marketing system as all the activities that you do on a regular basis to reach your prospects and buyers and to attract new leads into your business.

Do you have a marketing system for your business?  Here are four key marketing principles that should be in your marketing system:

  1. Building–  Are you consistently building your business.  Building your network, audience, and database consistently will be key to marketing your business.
  2. Engaging–  In what ways are you engaging your audience, network, and database on a consistent basis.  When you have a system in place it’s easier to engage.
  3. Serving–  How are you consistently serving your customers and prospects.  How are you providing value, incentives, extras to be of good service?
  4. Tracking–  It’s important to have a way to look back and figure out what you need to be tracking in your business. Key numbers in your accounting include things like your revenue, sales, expenses, profit and you need to track key numbers in your marketing to see what’s working for your business.

These four principles come from my signature system, The B.E.S.T. Marketing System which is all about helping you to easily and effectively market your business, so you can attract your ideal clients, make a bigger impact in the world, and make more income. And I’m pleased to announce…..The B.E.S.T. Marketing System™ LIVE Program starting Monday, August 12th where you can create your own customized Marketing System. Be sure to sign up today! 

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