3 Key Ways to Engage Your Audience

Last week, we discussed building your database and I shared Two tools to build your database and grow your business. This week I want our focus word to be ENGAGE. Watch the video or read the summary to learn about 3 Key Ways to Engage Your Audience.

How are you currently engaging your connections? Your connections consist of your network, database, and audience. Once you have built a network, audience, and database; it is time to engage.

3 Key Ways to Engage:

  1. Content Marketing – there are two types of content to use content marketing. the first is content you share that you created and the second is curated content in which you share someone else’s content along with giving credit to the original creator.
  2. Email Marketing- it is important to build your database; however, it is more important to engage your database (email list). You may accomplish this by consistently using emailing marketing to share information.
  3. Event-Based Marketing – this is where you host and/or sponsor an event. This allows you and others to connect and begin to build relationships.

Please share your comments and thoughts on how you engage your audience. Also, do not forget to check out The B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner to help you with marketing your business.

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