The Power of 90-Day Goals & Plans

90-Day Goals & Plans

When I work with my clients on business goal setting and marketing activity planning, the thought of planning out activity for 12 months can be overwhelming and intimidating for many. So, I shifted from 12-month increments to 6-month increments. Then, I’ve found in working with many entrepreneurs and business owners is that there is POWER  in focusing on 90-Day increments.

When we focus on 3 months/90 Days, it’s less intimidating and easy to manage, so for a while now I’ve really focused on 90-Day business goals and marketing planning with my clients. In fact, I created a planner that’s focused on planning your marketing for 90-Days (shameless plug for my planner, the B.E.S.T. Marketing Planner, a 90 Day Guide to Help You Master Your Marketing and Grow Your Business). 

 Here a some reasons why setting goals for 90 days and planning for 90 days at a time is SUPER powerful:

1. Achievable

When we focus on 90-Day increments it feels more achievable. It’s like running a 100-meter sprint versus a 400-meter or a marathon (I had to add the track and field reference since we just wrapped up the 2020 Olympics and the Olympic games are still fresh in my mind!). It requires a different type of stamina and motivation to run the long distance, but it feels more doable and achievable for the shorter distance. The same applies to goals and activities when we are planning for the next 90 days, it feels achievable and doable, so that’s why 90 day increments can be so powerful as business owners and entrepreneurs.

2. Attainable

Similar to feeling more achievable in 90 days. Setting 90 day goals and plans seems more attainable. As the saying goes, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at at time!” You focus on what is attainable which is the first manageable step, which is the first bite.  After the first bite, then the second bite, etc. before you know it, you managed to eat and entire elephant and you did it one bite at a time or one 90-day increment at a time. It makes your BIG business goals more attainable when you think of it in shorter steps in a short period of time.  You have less of a chance of losing enthusiasm and motivation when you are working in a shorter time frame so that also makes 90 day goals more attainable.

3. Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus….Focus is the key to achieving any goal in life and in business.  With a lack in focus it is harder to achieve results.  In fact, lack of focus (i.e. shiny object syndrome) is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners.  When we get distracted or lose focus it is harder to achieve the things that we desire in life and in business, so focusing on 90-day increments can be POWERFUL in achieving your goals and accomplishing the task at hand. When you focus on a short window, you’re more likely to obtain your goals.

4. Progress

Another reason why goal setting and marketing planning in 90-Days is so POWERFUL is it’s the perfect time frame to see progress and gain traction. Sometimes, we underestimate how much we can achieve in 3 months. 3 months is the best timeframe to make major progress and gain traction on your business goals. In fact there’s a whole system and a book written about gaining traction in your business by focusing on 90 day goals called Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. I’ve read it and I highly recommend it.

5. Manageable

When focusing on 90 day increments you feel less overwhelmed and when you feel less overwhelmed you feel like your goals and tasks associated with your goals are more manageable. Making your goals and plans manageable is another POWERFUL reason to set 90 day increments to achieve your business goals and plan your marketing activity. 

If you need assistance with setting 90-Day business goals and planning your marketing activity for the next 90 days, be sure to join me for the upcoming Marketplace Messenger Intensive designed to help you attract your client with ease and flow. 

During the intensive, you will create a 90-Day results-driven marketing plan that includes creating your marketing foundation, working on your top 3 business goals, and creating a marketing calendar and schedule to alleviate any overwhelm.

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