S3-E3- Integrating Faith and Business with Kimberly Springer

On this episode of the podcast I interview Vision Coach Kim.  Kim shares her business journey and specifically the main reason why she started her business and how integrating her faith and business was always at the core of her business because it is the essence of who she is.  She shares key things that have happened along her business journey and also talks about her strong and steady faith journey. 

Listen in and discover a key UP and a key DOWN that she experienced in her business and the lessons you can learn from what she shared. 

In this episode you will hear:

  • How she created her title, “Vision Coach”, decades before she became a Vision Coach
  • How the fruit of her disobedience negatively impacted her business
  • How having a business is the biggest personal development course ever!
  • How God introduced her to the world by opening doors of opportunities for her
  • The difficulties she had in scaling her business
  • The 3 realms that we operate in and the realm in which we experience the power of faith 


Kim Springer, who is affectionally known as Vision Coach Kim, is a Life and Business Mindset Coach for Christian women in business. Her mission is to see others manifest their visions and create greater levels of success by using the 2 most powerful tools they already possess–thoughts and belief.

Teaching the same strategies that she used to go from literally nothing (homeless) to creating a 7-figure brand, Kim has helped women renew their minds and create a life they love waking up to. Kim is a wife and mother of 5 currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.


Instagram: instagram.com/visioncoachkim
Clubhouse: joinclubhouse.com/@visioncoachkim

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