S2-E8-How the Holy Spirit leads and guides you in business with Kimberly Jansen

About this episode:

It may seem like a foreign concept to some that you can actually be in partnership with God in your business, but as women of faith in business, we know that God is in every aspect of our lives including our business.  

And when you are working in partnership with God, the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you in your business, and that is exactly what I chat about with Kimberly Jansen.  She shares how the Holy Spirit leads and guides her in her business. 

On this episode you will hear:

  • The perfect way to work with God
  • How her health challenges took her on a path to start her own business
  • The importance of pivoting and embracing online channels for your business
  • How the pandemic has hit a reset button and encouraged us to look at things differently
  • How she integrates God into the conversation with the work that she does
  • How she incorporates various modalities in her practice and how it gives God the glory
  • The importance of staying in the energy of Love
  • How her daughter’s health crisis made her even stronger in her faith

About Kimberly Jansen

Kimberly has been in business for 27 years.  She is an ordained minister, Certified Natural Health Professional, Journey Life Coach, and Holistic Practitioner.  She is the owner of Oh! Optimal Health and works with people to renew their physical, emotional, and spiritual health by herbs/vitamins, sound, color and resetting learned thought patterns about yourself and your life.  She in the Tampa, FL area and is married and has two daughters. 

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