E 13- 5 Key Lessons from Season 1 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast

On the last episode of Season 1 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast, I share the top 5 key lessons from the Podcast. Listen in as I share:

  • The two key ways most women of faith in business become believers.  
  • How everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different, nobody’s path is exactly the same, but each journey required faith, courage, and determination. 
  • How the guests on the podcast were selected because of their boldness of being open about their faith on their business platforms.
  • How your business will continue to change and evolve and is not a straight path for any of us, but as women of faith in business it’s important to trust, believe, and lean on your faith. 
  • How there is power in faith and power in business, and when you combine the two, you are a powerful woman of faith in business! 
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