Creating checklists can serve your audience in a BIG way!

Last week, I shared 3 easy ways to SERVE your audience, but not in the way you may think. Be sure to check out that blog to learn a different way to think about serving your audience. This week I am traveling and thought it would be great to share my wonderful Florida view along with my marketing tips on CHECKLISTS. You guessed it, our focus word is CHECKLISTS. You may watch the video and/or read the summary below to learn How creating checklists for your audience can help you serve in a BIG way!

Remember our focus this month is SERVE and we will talk specifically about serving your audience via Checklists, Challenges, and Courses. This week, we are taking a look at CHECKLISTS.

A checklist is a brief word document that you save as a pdf that guides your audience to help them achieve something. To determine what you should create a checklist on, try thinking about things your audience ask you.

2 Types of Checklists You Can Create

  1. HOW TO – this is a step by step checklist where you provide key specific steps to complete something
  2. Top 5, 7, 10, etc – this is a list of ideas, tools, techniques that would help your audience to achieve a goal

Once created, you can offer the checklist as an opt-in for free or you can charge a fee.

Don’t forget to check out THE B.E.S.T. MARKETING PLANNER! As always enjoy the rest of your week.

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