5 Types of Content that Creates Engagement on Social Media

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Social Media has become a part of every day life for most people.  From checking Facebook to see what your friends, family, and associates are up to, to checking LinkedIn to stay connected with your professional network, to checking Twitter to join the conversation about the latest show, event, or major topic, or browsing Pinterest for the latest recipes or fashion trends,  social media and checking in to a social network has become a way of life.

Many smart business owners, coaches and consultants have also seen the importance of including social media in their marketing mix, so they can reach their target audience where they are already hanging out on these social networks. 

However, getting results from your social media marketing can be difficult.  Especially if your audience doesn’t seem to be engaging with your content, so in this post, I will go over five types of content you can post on social media that gets the most engagement. 

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  1. Inspirational Quotes
    There’s so much negativity in the traditional media channels that people are craving positivity and inspiration, so being the light of inspiration in someones day by posting an inspirational quote can really increase engagement.  Inspirational quotes are appreciated on almost every social network.  When you post an inspirational quote picture on Facebook  you can get engagement, when you post an inspirational quote on Twitter you can get engagement, when you post on inspiration quote graphic on Pinterest you can get engagement, etc., so no matter what type of business you have, or what social network you are on, posting inspirational quotes can help to increase your engagement.
  2. Ask Questions
    People like to be helpful and to express their opinions, so asking questions can be a really good way to increase engagement.  This can work for the social networks that are more conversational like Twitter and Facebook.  It’s not necessarily as effective on image or video sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.  However, posting insightful questions can help to increase engagement, in fact social media is a great way to conduct market research.  If you are wondering how your target audience will feel about a particular topic, product, program, etc., ask them on social media and see what they say.
  3. Show Behind the Scenes
    Social media is supposed to be “social”, so having posts that show behind the scenes at the office or behind the scene of an event can really increase engagement.  This works really well when you are posting behind the scene pictures or videos on  social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  Think about what would be interesting to your audience.  Would they like to see pics of behind the scenes of a company event?  Would they like to see pics of what happens in the office on a busy day?  Think about interesting behind the scenes pictures or videos that you can post to your social networks.
  4. Post Pictures
    Whether your posting inspirational quote pictures, or behind the scenes pictures, pictures always increase engagement on most social media platforms.  #TBT on Facebook is a great way to use pictures.  Post pictures from around the office or staff that was from back in the days, because social media is “social”, you need to include some social elements in your social media marketing including the use of various types of pictures.  What types of pictures can you use for your social media marketing?
  5. Post Videos
    The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video is worth a thousand pictures, so including posting videos on your social networks is important.  There are many types of videos you can post on social media (i.e. spontaneous videos shot on your smart phone,  professional videos produced by a professional video company, etc.).  Whatever type of video you choose to post on your social networks, be sure that it is the type of video that reflects your brand.  If you choose to post a spontaneous video shot on your iPhone, be sure that the camera angle is right, the lighting is right, that it still looks somewhat professional, because the video is a reflection of your brand.  You can also use a professional to shoot the video for you.  I prefer the professional videos, I feel it’s a better look for your brand.  I have used Captured in Time Productions to produce some of my latest videos.

These are just five types of content you can post to get more engagement on social media.    What other types of content have you posted that creates engagement on social media? Be sure to comment below.

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