3 Reasons You Should Use The World’s Easiest Email Marketing System


Selecting the right tools for your business can really make a difference in the success of your business.  Tools can help you to accomplish sooo much, so it’s important to select the right ones.

A key tool that you will need if you plan to use Email Marketing in your marketing mix is an Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP).  This service allows you to send mass emails, track your results, automate and schedule your messages, and so much more.  There are many ESP systems on the market, and I love to research tools and figure out what is going to work best for my business.  So in the series, Essential Marketing Tools, I am highlighting the ESP tool I use that helps me to stay organized and consistent with my marketing effort.

As a reminder, the first tool that I highlighted in the blog post, Need more readers for your blog? Get this easy and affordable Tool!, was CoSchedule, this tool helps you to plan and publish awesome content on your blog, share it with the world, and save a ton of time.

The second tool I’m highlighting in the series is GetResponse, and here is why I use it in my business:

  1. User Friendly

    The tagline for GetResponse is, “The World’s Easiest Email Marketing“, and true to it’s tagline, GetResponse is very easy to use.  The user interface is super simple and the software has lots of great features.

  2. Robust Features

    Compared to other ESP’s in the marketplace, GetResponse offers powerful and robust features including:

    1. Responsive email design (a must nowadays)-  with a large percentage of individuals reading their emails on their smart phones, it is important to have an email marketing platform that has email templates and design that are not only mobile friendly, but are mobile responsive (adapts and responds to the specific screen size the individual is using), so whether they are on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop, the email will look perfect in each screen size.
    2. Form creation–  If building your email list is important to you, then form creation will be a necessary tool to have on your marketing tool belt.  GetResponse allows you to easily create various forms and use them in various places like your website, social media, landing pages, etc.
    3. Landing Pages (super important and a great feature)-  Another necessary tool for growing your email list is landing pages.  Landing pages are a great way to focus on getting specific results, whether it’s an opt-in page, sales page, webinar page, event page, pages are necessary in your business, and GetResponse makes it super easy to create a landing page in minutes.
    4. A/B Testing- Not sure what email subject line to use or what call to action will work the best?  A/B Testing is a nice feature that allows you to test various aspects of your email or your landing page to see which one works better and use the winning option in order to increase your overall results.
    5. Autoresponders–  If you ever want to set-up a series of emails to send out to a specific list, then Autoresponders are a great way to set it up and forget it.  Set-up a series of emails and have it running on autopilot.  GetResponse has an awesome Autoresponder user interface that makes it easy to set-up, schedule and even visualize your Autoresponder series on a calendar.
    6. Intelligent Analytics-  It’s always important to pay attention to your analytics.  GetResponse makes it super easy to understand your analytics with easy to read pie charts and the ability to have side by side comparisons of various email campaigns to see which one worked better.  GetResponse’s analytics makes it easy to make smart decisions about your email marketing based on your analytics.
    7. Inbox Preview–  Although I don’t really use this feature often, it is nice to know you have the ability to view how your email appears in the inbox for several Email Providers.  How each email provider reads and views your email will differ, so having the ability to preview your email in various email providers like, gmail, yahoo, AOL, etc., gives you peace of mind knowing how your email will be viewed.
    8. Marketing Automation (New!)–  This powerful new feature allows you to create workflows that will automatically send out emails based on timing or actions of the individuals allowing you to create an automated journey for your customer or prospect.  This feature makes it easier for you to turn your email subscribers into customers.
    9. Webinar (New!)–  This powerful new feature is a great addition because you are now able to not just use the platform for email marketing and marketing automation, but now you are able to conduct a webinar, record the webinar, view the stats of the webinar all in the GetResponse dashboard.
  3. Affordable 

With the addition of Marketing Automation and Webinars, you would think GetResponse would be on the expensive side, but it’s not, it is very affordable with packages starting as low as $15/month

These are just 3 reasons I use GetResponse as my Email Marketing Service provider.  What Email Marketing Service provider do you use and why?  Be sure to comment below:

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